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11/63/19 Letter to Daily Express, Evening Standard and Daily Mail - BBC and over 75s'

The BBC is going to abandon free license fees for most people over 75 in order to save money. Well they could start off with paying market rates, not inflated BBC rates to their so - called stars.
To give one example, the always politically correct Gary Lineker gets a reported £1,700,000 per year for presenting recorded film of football games. This is when there are several others who could do the same equally well or better - for a lot less money.
The BBC should, like the rest of the world, Not waste money. The free license fee for over 75s' must be left well alone."

14/3/19 Financial Times - Outside the single market, manufacturers can choose

Further to T R Murphy’s letter (March 11): according to the US Department of Commerce, German companies exported cars to the US to the value of more than $20bn in 2017. In 2015, it was more than $26bn. The evidence is clear: German manufacturers are well able to comply with US regulations.
This is notwithstanding that German car manufacturers have little or no input in the formulation of US regulations.
Nevertheless, they still export very successfully to the US.A manufacturer outside the EU that exports to the EU may well decide to manufacture its entire output under EU single market rules. This could well be for reasons of practicality and/or enhanced profit.
Outside the EU that is the manufacturer’s choice. In the single market, a manufacturer is obliged to manufacture its entire domestic output under EU single market rules. Post-Brexit the manufacturer has the choice.
That is why Brexit is welcome.

20/1/19 Sunday Times - Wrong Direction

Since the 2016 referendum the clattering train of EU integration has continued to roll on. The destination is a European superstate in which the UK would be a mere province.
There have also been credible proposals for a European army to supersede Nato from France’s president, Emmanuel Macron. More worrying, the EU is already taking a pro-Iran position against America.
Sir John Major argued last week for remaining in the EU. Not for the first time he has got it entirely wrong.

5/12/18 Letter to the Press - What would Winston Churchill have said?

What would Winston Churchill have said about Mrs. May’s « Remain minus « Withdrawal Agreement ?
This is what Churchill DID say about Munich:
Churchill called Munich "...a total and unmitigated defeat.... This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless, by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again...."

12/10/18 Letter to the Press - Tory MP Tom Tugendhat

William Dartmouth, the Independent MEP for the South West, has written to Tory MP Tom Tugendhat asking if he intends to renounce his French citizenship if he makes a bid to replace Mrs May as Prime Minister.
"Mr Tugendhat has admitted publicly that he hopes to make a bid for the Tory leadership", said Mr Dartmouth today.
Does this mean he will be giving up his dual; citizenship? Or does he think he can from Number Ten restore the entente cordiale which has been noticeably lacking since Brexit"?

6/9/18 New Statesman - Boiling Point

Dear Sir
In Helen Lewis' important article "Boiling Point" (NS August 31st) the key question is asked: "When did the current era of toxicity begin?".
The distinguished Professor Robert Ford points to the Brexit and Scottish referendums as the starting point.
It is likely that the era of toxicity began earlier.
I would point to 2006, when David Cameron, as Conservative Party Leader, described UKIP (on LBC) as "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists".
Cameron continued in this vein when Prime Minister.
In British political history, we had never before seen a campaign of vilification and abuse led by a Prime Minister.
It was (probably) David Cameron who then let out the genie of incivility. He should have known better.

23/10/18 The BBC is threatening to abandon or reduce free license fees for the over 75s

In order to save money. Well they could start off with paying market rates, not inflated BBC rates to their so - called stars. To give one example, Gary Lineker gets a reported £1,700,000 per year for presenting recorded film of football games. This is when there are several People around who could do the same equally well or better - for a lot less money.
The BBC should leave the free license fee for over 75 s well alone.

3/6/18 Hampering Trade, Letter published in the Mail on Sunday

Rachel Johnson asked last week: ‘When did a single politician ever protest even once that EU membership prevented the UK from making independent trade deals on its own?’
A brief look at Hansard shows that in one debate alone (February 26, 2016), four Conservative MPs made exactly that point.
Both Vote Leave and (including myself) made the point over and over again.
William Dartmouth MEP"

4/5/18 Single Market & the UK, Letter to The Telegraph

SIR – Jeremy Warner (Comment, April 27) advocates Britain staying in the EU single market. But there are problems.
Less than 12.5 per cent of the UK economy – a declining proportion – is accounted for by trade with the EU. Yet, so long as we remain in the single market, 100 per cent of our economy is subject to the burden of the EU’s rules.
Worse, the European Court of Justice has full power over us in the name of enforcing single market rules. This costs us over and over again.
Moreover, the single market gives 440 million citizens of EU member states the absolute right to work, live and settle in Britain. That is the true meaning of the EU’s “free movement of people”. It is a clumsy method to solve short-term labour shortages.

22/03/18 'You did a great job then!' UK MEP MOCKS Irish counterpart during fiery Brexit clash

BRITISH MEP William Dartmouth took a dig at Irish colleague Mairead McGuinness during a debate on trade relations between Britain and the European Union after Brexit.
The British MEP cheekily shut down Mairead McGuinness as she lamented the lack of an agreement on the post-Brexit relationship between Northern Ireland and Britain despite the latest talks breakthrough.
Mr Dartmouth argued that the issue,which caused many delays during the first phase of Brexit talks, could have already been solved considering the many viable plans already presented to avoid a hard border – including one proposed by the European Union itself.
He said: "As far as the position of the Republic of Ireland and the province of Ulster is concerned, there’s a very interesting 43-page document published by the European Parliament published around 18 months ago.
"It spells out how a hard border could be avoided and may I be intrusive enough to recommend that to you and others."
After Ms McGuinness informed him she had indeed read the EU proposals, he added: "Well, then you did a great job!"
Ms McGuinness, who also serves as Vice-President of the European Union, said: "If I may, I was at the meeting where it was presented. It doesn’t solve the problem. I do read documents UK and EU negotiators announced earlier this week they had reached an agreement on a “large part” of the transition terms but had decided to postpone talks on Northern Ireland.
Mr Davis also reiterated Britain’s commitment to so-called “backstop” measures if a solution cannot be reached.
This outcome would essentially see Northern Ireland mirror the EU rules and regulations in neighbouring Ireland to avoid the need for a hard border.
Mr Dartmouth also took a dig at Remain supporters who arguably "come up with all the obstacles" plaguing the negotiations.
Talking to colleagues in Brussels, he added: "All of the people who were in favour of Brexit, like me and the other 17 million plus people in the UK advocated friendship and free trade.
"It’s the people on Remain who come up with all these obstacles, verging sometimes towards threats.
Can we please try to address friendship and free trade?"

By Aurora Bosotti - Daily Express

22/02/18 Call for overhaul of voting

Hunger protest"A GROUP from the Cotswolds joinned supporters of a campaign to change the voting system in the UK, in a protest outside parliament.
Campaign group Make Votes Matter, which wants an end to the 'first past the post' system, had members from Gloucestershire and Wiltshire in its ranks as it held a 24-hour hunger strike outside the House of Commons on February 6.
The group which prefers proportional representation, called on support from sitting MPs. Political parties from across the South West were represented, including the Wessex Regionalists, with former general election candidate Colin Bex.
Guy Parfitt on behalf of MVM Cotswolds said:
"The First Past the Post voting system is bust. Brexit shows that the majority of MPs don't represent the views of their constituents, or the Lords for that matter. We're constantly told that competition is a good thing in the free market. Let's see it then in politics."

28/11/17 Trading under WTO Rules: "It’s not the end of the world"

Tax Harmonisation"The Director General of the WTO has been very clear. On Brexit, trading under WTO rules in the absence of an acceptable agreement from the EU (to quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a different context) we have nothing to fear but fear itself", says William Dartmouth MEP.

“Extract from interview with WTO Chief Roberto Azevedo printed in the Sunday Telegraph, Sunday November 26th.
"About half of the UK's trade is already on WTO terms - with the US, China and several large emerging nations where does the EU doesn't have trade agreements, so it is not the end of the world if the UK trades under WTO Rules with the EU....".
(Brussels has failed to strike deals with the US, China, Brazil, India and almost all other large economies. Why is this?) “...Trade deals are difficult but there is an additional complicating factor for the EU, which is agriculture,” says Azevedo. “Once you start negotiating with a big agricultural exporter, they want market access..."
(After Brexit, Britain can be) "...more flexible in its approach and quicker to react within the WTO, as you don't have to coordinate with all the other members of the EU...."

23/11/17 It is very clear, the EU want to "harmonise" tax

Tax HarmonisationIn a response to a question asked by William Dartmouth UKIP MEP, EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, Pierre Moscovici, stated the following at the International Trade Committee (November 23rd 2017)

“...If you want to harmonise tax you really need to change the rules of the game and to move towards more integration - if not federalism. Because what blocks us today is that is the fact that tax matters are decided through unanimity and unanimity means that the veto of one can stop the will of all. And if you want to have a harmonisation or a social Europe with a stronger ambition you need to change the rules of the game. You need to move from unanimity to qualified majority voting....”
Our past experience shows that the harmonised tax will go in only one direction - UP.
"See clip from the International Trade Committee here

21/11/17 Daily Express - Boaty McBoatface workforce 'mainly consist of foreign workers because Brits TOO EXPENSIVE'

BudgetBRITAIN'S biggest shipbuilding project outside the Royal Navy in 30 years employs mainly foreign workers, it was claimed today.
Up to 80 per cent of the workforce on the new £200 million polar research ship - which the public wanted to call Boaty McBoatface - are reportedly from overseas

"The government think this ship is being built by British workers, but they couldn't be more wrong."
William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP Industry spokesman said: "This just doesn't seem right, Cammel Laird are using cheap migrant labour to undermine local skilled workers.
"Surely the Unions should be shouting from the rooftops about this, but they don't dare."

Read the full article here

20/11/17 UKIP Website - Hammond will learn: 'Money can't by you love'

BudgetReports that the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, in budget week, is considering doubling his previous proposed Brexit bill to £40 billion is an outrage.

William Dartmouth the UKIP Trade Spokesman responded, "The European Union wants our money.They are plucking figures out of the air in the hope we will cover their future budget plans.
"These figures change week to week and range from £100 bill to £60 billion.

"As a qualified chartered accountant I would remind Mrs May that a budget is just a budget-a projection or an aspiration.
"By raising our Brexit bill to satisfy the EU perhaps Mrs May should remember the words of Lennon/McCartney "Money can't buy you love".

17/11/2017 Brexit Central - The European Union we are leaving is very different from the Common Market we joined

BrexitThe European Union we are leaving is very different from the Common Market we joined

Divorce can be painful – and the most painful part is to make it final, to get to the decree absolute. There is claim and counter-claim, blame and counter-blame. Indeed, divorce can often get nasty – although that should not be necessary.
And the worst part of it is ‘who gets to keep what’?, ‘who pays’?, and ‘how much’?
Now, after the referendum, we are getting divorced after what was the political equivalent of a marriage with the European Union. Yet it is worth pointing out that what we entered into 43 years ago with six other European countries with similar economies was to be part of a Common Market – it was not a marriage with 27 countries – many with different economies and at a very different stage of development.
But now, the EU wants our money. They apparently want 100 billion euros. Obviously, the figure has been plucked out of thin air. The rationale given is that up to a hundred billion euros was in the EU budget (there was an example of this in William Hague’s recent article in the Daily Telegraph).
Let us be very clear, and perhaps as a Chartered Accountant I can write this, a budget is just that: a budget. It is a projection, it is a forecast. It is not a reality. Assumptions can and do change as they have in this case. The UK is exiting the EU. The fact is, legally, we owe the EU nothing. If we do choose to give them anything, that will be our choice and that will be our generosity – and should be seen as such.
But I say to the British Government, please remember, as Lennon and McCartney once sang, “Money can’t buy me love”.
To continue with the divorce analogy, we are yet to get divorced – but some people are already taking sides.
Unfortunately, many people who ought to be on our side, are in fact on the other side. It is sad for us, but sadder for them. Tony Blair, Ken Clarke, Anna Soubry, Peter Mandelson, Nick Clegg and Tony Blair – who is apparently going to return to British politics. Indeed there was Ken Clarke and Nick Clegg’s mysterious trip to Brussels. These are “the usual suspects”. One is entitled to ask why it is that these very qualified people don’t seem to understand that in any negotiation, and above all in this one, if you are not prepared to walk away, you give the other side all the cards. We have seen that already, with the recent negotiations between the EU and the Greek government.
What makes it still worse, these are the same people who told us – instructed us – endlessly at the time of the referendum that “you must accept the outcome of the referendum”, but that was when they thought they would win. What they are now doing is carefully, blatantly, and in any terms disgracefully, trying to overturn the result. They ought to know better.
As for Labour and Brexit, we know that in the UK, Labour stands for unvarnished socialism; and not just any socialism, but Venezuelan-style socialism at that. However, on Brexit, nobody really knows what does Labour stand for.
This year’s Labour Conference lasted four days, and in those four days, Labour could not find time to debate Brexit at all. But what is clear, is that a majority of Labour MPs want the UK in the single market. That has consequences: It means freedom of movement, an endless and enduring stream of payments to the EU and that we continue to pay homage to the European Court of Justice. These are facts.
But there is another fact which is even more important. Only around 12% of the UK’s economy is accounted for by exports to the 27 Member States. Nevertheless, so long as we remain in the so-called Single Market, 100% of our economy will be subject to all the rules, laws, regulations and directives of the European Union. And out of the EU we would have no say, no say at all, not even the totally inadequate say that we have at the moment. This would not be a good outcome for our country.
On trade, leaving aside the maze of statistics, there is one simple fact. The UK is the biggest market for wine produced in Australia in terms of volume. Australia sells us more wine than they do any other country. Wine that is produced in Australia competes, on price, with wines produced in Spain, France and even Bulgaria. But Australia does not have a trade agreement with the European Union. Far less is there unconditional free movement, or any right to settle for Australians in the European Union. Nonetheless, Australia has access to the EU markets including the United Kingdom, without a trade agreement and without freedom of movement, sufficient to sell this wine produced on the other side of the world more than 9,000 miles away.
In the event of no deal, we in the UK would have similar access to EU markets without a trade agreement, but trading under World Trade Organisation rules. Trading under World Trade Organisation rules is how Australia trades with the EU’s 27 member states, as does China, as does the United States, as do six of the top ten exporting countries to the EU – and 11 of the top 20. On trade after Brexit, to paraphrase Franklin Delano Roosevelt at his inauguration in 1933, “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”.
We have to be prepared and able to walk away.

09/09/2016 UKIP MEPs Website - Brexit Britain receives another fillip from new trade figures

City TradeToday’s trade figures from the ONS show a narrowing of the trade deficit by £1.1bn including a £0.8bn (1.9%) growth in exports in goods and services, the fact that in a post referendum Britain the economic reality is positive. William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP Trade spokesman said, “Yet more good news from official figures. The UK is open for business and far from falling apart our businessmen and women are taking advantage of the opportunities occasioned by the Brexit vote, rather than falling apart as predicted.

“Even those big corporates that funded the remain campaign are now changing their tune about how they say the UK economy is going. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have dropped their doom and gloom and threats of recession and now predict growth."
“This is not the result of panic action by the Government or the Bank of England as some try to claim, but of the health and resilience of the British economy, and the men and women within it who work so hard to make their enterprises successful in a global, not merely European, economy”.
Dartmouth continued, “Of course one set of figures cannot be entirely relied upon, but the PMI Markit and PwC figures combined with these ONS statistics should certainly give cause for cheer in even the most downbeat remainer heart. We are not out of the woods, and while the Brexit negotiations continue there may well be more instability to come, but at least for now we can look forward with increased confidence”.

City TradeA full list of the 114 MPs who voted againt the Brexit bill and the Daily Mail comments therein can be found at List of MPs.

“There were some that didn't vote including Diane Abbott who apparently developed Brexit flu "

There were 8 MPs who defied their own voters who as a constituency voted for Brexit. The six Labour, one Lib Dem and one SNP MPs were: Graham Allen (Labour, Nottingham North), Chris Bryant (Labour, Rhondda), Ann Clwyd (Labour, Cynon Valley), Mary Creagh (Labour, Wakefield), Paul Farrelly (Labour, Newcastle-Under-Lyme), Catherine McKinnell (Labour, Newcastle upon Tyne North), Dr Alan Whitehead (Labour, Southampton, Test), Tom Brake (Lib Dem, Carshalton and Wallington), Eilidh Whiteford (SNP, Banff and Buchan).

09/09/2016 UKIP MEPs Website - Brexit Britain receives another fillip from new trade figures

City TradeToday’s trade figures from the ONS show a narrowing of the trade deficit by £1.1bn including a £0.8bn (1.9%) growth in exports in goods and services, the fact that in a post referendum Britain the economic reality is positive. William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP Trade spokesman said, “Yet more good news from official figures. The UK is open for business and far from falling apart our businessmen and women are taking advantage of the opportunities occasioned by the Brexit vote, rather than falling apart as predicted.

“Even those big corporates that funded the remain campaign are now changing their tune about how they say the UK economy is going. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have dropped their doom and gloom and threats of recession and now predict growth."
“This is not the result of panic action by the Government or the Bank of England as some try to claim, but of the health and resilience of the British economy, and the men and women within it who work so hard to make their enterprises successful in a global, not merely European, economy”.
Dartmouth continued, “Of course one set of figures cannot be entirely relied upon, but the PMI Markit and PwC figures combined with these ONS statistics should certainly give cause for cheer in even the most downbeat remainer heart. We are not out of the woods, and while the Brexit negotiations continue there may well be more instability to come, but at least for now we can look forward with increased confidence”.

07/09/2016 UKIP MEPs Website - Australian trade discussions show Britain open for business

Koala Bear AustraliaFollowing the creation of a working group between Britain and Australia to discuss a future free trade deal William Dartmouth MEP and UKIP trade spokesman commented:

"Our relationship with Australia has always held special significance so I am greatly enthused to see these preliminary discussions taking place about a free trade deal."
"I urge Liam Fox to grasp this great opportunity to make Britain's trade outreach truly global in nature. Making trade deals with our Commonwealth partners is a great way to start.”.
"I hope that by pursuing more and more such deals we can prove that Britain is open for global business. Some people who advocated a ‘remain’ vote now seem desperate to see Britain fail, let’s show them what a free and independent Britain can achieve."

09/08/2016 UKIP Website - Trade with the Netherlands to remain good says Dutch PM

Netherlands“Another day and another country makes it clear that it is in their own vital interests to maintain and strengthen trading links with a post Brexit Britain", said William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP International Trade spokesman.

Commenting after the Dutch PM Mark Rutte put his statement up on Facebook, Mr Dartmouth said:
"The Dutch are of course right, our links, historical, cultural and trading go back hundreds of years and will continue into the future. It is likely they will improve as an independent UK will be able to act more quickly and more flexibly to world trading patterns, in a way that will encourage greater inward investment from Dutch firms. Access to the Single Market is in no way required to strengthen those links”.
"It is possible that Mr Rutte himself is looking over his shoulder at the Dutch electorate, who have now had two different referenda results which opposed further EU integration ignored."

06/07/2016 Daily Telegraph- The Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond writes (July 4th)

World trade“...It is already clear what the central trade off will be: access to the single market versus freedom of movement....”

Sadly for us all, the Foreign Secretary is simply wrong on the basic facts. In 2015, China, the USA, Russia, Japan, India, Brazil exported goods to the value of Euros 864,855 million to the EU. This is more than the entire output of the Netherlands. None of these countries have “freedom of movement” with the EU. None of them even have a trade agreement with the EU. And there are up to a 100 other countries in the same category.
With reference to trade agreements and “freedom of movement”, there is another fact. It is only the four EFTA countries - Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway whose trade agreement requires “freedom of movement”. Of these four, Liechtenstein has a derogation and Switzerland voted against “freedom of movement” in a referendum in 2014. So that leaves just two countries - Norway and Iceland - who have granted “freedom of movement” in return for “access”.
It would seem that the Foreign Office is intent Not to assert the interests of the UK - on the basis of information that is largely false.

31/03/2016 - Anna Soubry, the industry minister, is wrong about trade with the EU

World tradeShe suggests, for example, that to access the Single Market “you must … accept complete free movement of people”. The European Commission’s chart lists 140 EU trade agreements. Only four of these have a clause for free movement. Even of these four, Liechtenstein has a derogation, and Switzerland has torn up the free-movement clause.

Miss Soubry also seems to think that “full access to the free-trade Single Market” requires EU membership. This is not so. We can discuss ad nauseam what exactly “full access” means. But if we look at China’s exports of goods to the EU compared with Britain’s, we see that in the past five years China has exported around 1.5 times the value of goods that Britain managed. China is not an EU member and does not even have a trade agreement with the EU.

01/03/2016 - UKIP Trade Spokesman demolishes PM's claim that potential UK-EU Trade agreement would have to have free movement of people

World tradeWilliam Dartmouth, UKIP's Trade Spokesman and newly appointed Party Deputy Chairman has demolished the Prime Minister's oft repeated claim that any potential post Brexit UK-EU trade agreement would have to have free movement of people,
Speaking in Llandudno at the Party's recently held Spring Conference, William Dartmouth said, "The EU has - according to how you count them over 100 trade agreements. Only four of them, with the EFTA four countries, have a "free movement of people clause".
"Even in Europe the EU has trade agreements with ten countries; including Albania, Bosnia, Serbia and Turkey; without free movement of people.
"Turkey is even in the EU's Customs Union without "free movement of people". This is what you don't hear from David Cameron."

23/02/2016 - Redruth EFDD Meeting.

Redruth EFDD MeetingFive hundred people attended the EFDD (Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy) sponsored public meeting in Redruth last night, to hear the case for Britain leaving the EU
It also featured a technical first in that Nigel Farage, Joint President of the EFDD and leader of UKIP, was live streamed into the meeting from a TV discussion on our EU membership.
The EFDD’s Paul Nuttall and William Dartmouth were given a warm welcome by the crowd at the Carn Brea Leisure Centre in Redruth. Lord Dartmouth spoke on trade outside our membership of the EU, while Mr Nuttall, who deputised for Mr Farage, drew loud applause for his wide ranging speech on the case for Brexit.
An EFDD spokesman said: "The meeting gave a warm welcome to the speakers and Mr Farage, who had to appear on television, and sent his apologies to the audience via video link, and promised to visit Cornwall before the EU referendum vote on June 23. His TV debate was also streamed live to the meeting which was a first. The EFDD European parliamentary group was delighted to host the meeting, as the pace quickens toward the referendum in June."

5/10/2015 - William Dartmouth letter "Gibraltar and EU" printed in The Times.

Rock of GibraltarContrary to the belief of Fabian Picardo (letter, Oct 1), Gibraltarians need have no fear that Brexit would have a negative impact on trade with the EU. Global trading giants outside the EU — for example, China, the US and Russia — all trade successfully with the EU. Switzerland, which is not a member of the EU, exports more per capita to the EU than the UK to the tune of 4.5 times. And on Gibraltar’s financial services sector, I would point out that Guernsey and Jersey (among others), which are not in the EU, do very well in financial services.
Mr Picardo claims that EU membership keeps borders open. In fact the Spanish authorities have caused numerous delays at the border. There are also constant incursions by Spanish navy vessels into Gibraltar’s territorial waters.
The UK would be much better placed to stand up for Gibraltar outside the failed EU structures

9/4/2015 - Bespoke Trade Agreemnt " From UKIP National Spokesman on Trade in The Independent.

Somerset floodingMr. Adrian Halfyard ( letters April 8 ) tells your readers that “...what UKIP presumably has in mind is something similar to the ... agreements Which allow Switzerland access to the European Single Market ....”
No , not at all . What we advocate is per our website and the to be published UKIP Manifesto a “ bespoke “ or Tailor - made agreement with the EU.
A Switzerland type agreement does not make sense for the UK precisely because – as Mr. Halfyard points out - “ Switzerland along with the EFTA counties obliged to allow free movement of people in exactly the same way as a full EU member ....”
What Mr. Halfyard omits to tell your readers is that the EU has up to 100 separate free trade agreements that do NOT require “ free movement “ . In fact it is only the EFTA Agreements and those with Switzerland that have this requirement - and pertinently Switzerland has torn up this part of their agreements.
If the EU’s agreements with Mexico and South Korea ,together with up to 100 other EU trade agreements , do Not require free movement ( in fact a right of permanent settlement ) why should it be assumed that a future UK – EU Trade agreement could not exclude free movement ? Perhaps this is because our establishment politicians would Not even make the request?
In the highly unlikely event that we do not reach acceptable agreement with the EU , the UK would always have the option to trade with the EU under the rules and framework of the WTO ( World Trade Organisation ) , as the top 3 exporters to the EU - China , Russia and the USA do very successfully today.

9/7/2014 - On behalf of his SW constituents William writes to the Prime Minister urging him to hold a Public Enquiry into the flooding of the Somerset Levels.

Somerset floodingLord Dartmouth wrote, "There has been and still is profound misery and suffering as a result of the flooding. I therefore urge you to hold a Public Enquiry that should do everything in its power to make sure this does not happen again.
In particular any such Enquiry should closely examine the very real impact of European Union directives which I and many others believe contributed to the flooding."
He added, "The Enquiry should investigate directives on waste: directives regarding the habitat on flooding and also focus on the activities of the Environmental Agency.
Other matters that must be examined are the cumulative impact on EU directives on the ability to dredge, the abolition of the Environmental Agency and transferring its powers to DEFRA and its anti-flooding responsibility to a revived National Rivers Authority".
"The holding of a Public Enquiry should present the findings to all those involved and make sure that such a disaster could not happen again."

21/3/2014 - Successful Gloucester public meeting showed the great diversity of UKIP.

Gloucester public meetingThe UK Independence Party had a wide range of Speakers at its Public Meeting at the Kings Theatre in Gloucester.
"It demonstrated the great diversity of UKIP", said Branch Chairman, Mike Smith.
Sarinder Joshua Duroch, a British-Indian author whose book "Enoch - I am a British-Indian" has just been published in Gloucester, spoke on the dangers of multi-culturalism and how he focuses more on a unified patriotic culture encompassing all British nationals.
"A truly inspirational speech", said Mr Smith.
Mr Duroch’s book is available on Amazon.
Mr Duroch was followed by Christina Simmonds, a local business woman, who is the Gloucestershire, Wiltshire & Somerset co-ordinator for the 1 Billion Rising Movement which opposes violence towards women world-wide. She stressed how the old Parties enacted laws to protect women but failed to implement them.
The Meeting was introduced to Luke Hindhaugh, UKIP's newly-selected Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Gloucester who spoke of his aspirations for the City of Gloucester and his pledge to work for its people.
William (Earl of) Dartmouth MEP, UKIP's Lead Candidate in the South West for the European elections, stressed that our trade with the countries of the European Union does not depend on our membership of its political union. He criticised the European Arrest Warrant which prevented convicted a Mafia boss from being deported whilst British citizens could be flung into foreign jails without recourse to British magistrates.
Wide-ranging questions from the audience stimulated further debate. "UKIP Gloucester would like to thank all the speakers, especially Sarinder who travelled all the way from Kent to be with us", said Mr Smith.
The meeting followed a day when UKIP members, including William Dartmouth, Luke Hindhaugh and Christina Simmonds met the general public in Kings Square.
"UKIP is the party that goes out to meet people rather than only speak to carefully selected supporters", said Lord Dartmouth.

20/3/2014 - EU destabilising Ukraine with promises of funding was 'dunce's diplomacy' - The British public don't want to be drawn into an EU - Russian cold war

UKIP MEP William Dartmouth has accused the government of using "dunce's diplomacy" over the situation in Ukraine.
William said: “What Putin has done is wrong but the West has played a terrible hand. Nobody should ever ask William Hague to play poker on their behalf, that’s for sure.
The EU encouraged Western Ukrainians to think a future as a member state and large net recipient of funds was beckoning. The population then toppled a legitimate president.
The idea that this would go unanswered by Putin was always fanciful. What the EU in particular has done is the reverse of what Theodore Roosevelt recommended as the key to effective diplomacy. It has spoken loudly while carrying a very small stick.
The result was eminently predictable: annexation of Crimea and a long Russian shadow cast over the rest of the Ukraine.
This was dunce’s diplomacy. Putin knows full well that the idea of the EU, even with American help, facing him down in his own backyard is ridiculous.
The British public will be overwhelmingly against being drawn into a trial of strength that the West is bound to lose. We’d be better much off concentrating on building up our own depleted armed forces long-term and reducing our energy dependency on Russian gas so we can stand up for ourselves when essential British interests really are at stake.”

12/3/2014 - Gibraltar Airport voted out of Single European Sky agreement.

"MEPs voted by 355 to 260 to exclude Gibraltar from the Single European Sky meaning that the airport is laboured with all the duties but is not rewarded with the normal rights that airports get. This will have potentially disastrous consequences for all those who wish to fly into and out of Gibraltar airport.
It is harmful to Gibraltar airport and demonstrates a petty and vindictive campaign against British interests in the European Parliament," said UKIP MEP for England South West and Gibraltar William Dartmouth."
William added, "I would now call on the British Government in the Council to stop this measure having effect. Gibraltar should not be excluded and discriminated against simply because it is British and hated by those hostile to Britain in the European Parliament.
This vote does bring to mind the on-going campaign by the Spanish government to strangle economically the people of Gibraltar - all this with the silent acquiescence of the EU institutions.
The Single European Sky initiative (SES) was launched in 2000, bringing air traffic management and navigation services under the common transport policy and is currently active in 38 states.
UKIP and Conservative MEPs voted against the legislative resolution as a whole, while the LibDems abstained and Labour MEPs voted in favour."

3/3/2014 - The government's current approach to the crisis in Ukraine risks making the situation in the region even worse.

William is warning about the UK being dragged into the Ukrainian crisis. He said: "Ministers must take the greatest care to ensure that they do not give western Ukraine false hope just as the West gave anti-Assad activists in Syria false hope in the early days of the rebellion there.
If popular uprisings are based on a false premise of expected Western intervention when none is on the cards then all that happens is that dangerous instability escalates with no good end in sight.
The Government must be very careful not to get Britain drawn into a conflict that could easily escalate from a regional crisis to a global one.
Neither is there any desire among the British people to get dragged into yet another far-flung conflict, whether that be directly or through any EU co-ordinated action. And let us remember that the EU's High Representative Baroness Ashton has never been elected and has zero political legitimacy in the eyes of the British public."

14/2/2014 - We're being flooded by EU diktats which our own government are only too happy to implement - William accuses the EU of contributing to a floods crisis by putting wildlife before people.

South West UKIP MEP William Dartmouth has condemned the EU's skewed priorities, exposing the damaging consequences of EU directives on flooding.
"On Monday this week European Commissioner Viviane Reding came to the UK to joyously declare that 70% of UK laws originate from the EU.
Ms Reding's visit took place at the same time as the consequences of heavy rainfall compounded by the effect of EU regulations, have brought about widespread flooding, suffering and the destruction of property.
The evidence is that EU directives put wildlife before people. It is starting to be clear that DEFRA and the Environment Agency have been zealous in implementing EU directives.
The new direction was started in 2004 by the European Commission document on 'flood risk management'. This bore bitter fruit in the 2007 EU Directive on Flood Risks. This has been further compounded by the EU’s Water Framework Directive, the Habitats Directive, the Environmental Impact Assessment and the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive.
This have been followed the letter by the UK’s Environment Agency, and the downside of this is that dredging has been greatly reduced because of the tight restrictions of silt removal and the protection of species such as the Depressed River Mussel.
In this new EU-induced dispensation, ordinary people are left sandbagged in their own homes because of flooding are the ones who are depressed and not the mussels.
The front page of the Environment Agency's website says, ‘Floods destroy, be prepared.’
It is clear the UK has not been prepared, and this is disgraceful.

10/2/2014 - William asks why are the LibLabCon intent on the Balkanisation of the UK as the three old parties favour more migration from Balkans?

UKIP MEP William Dartmouth said after a vote on the West Balkan countries on Thursday in the European Parliament, Strasbourg:
"When European Commissioner Laszlo Andor says that Cameron is simply 'posturing' over migration, he is telling the truth, except it is not just Cameron but the three old parties together.
"Tory MPs have made a lot of noise about their efforts to restrict Economic mass migration from Eastern Europe. David Cameron even suggested 6 weeks ago that he would not allow new states to join the EU unless their GDP level reached a certain percentage of that of the UK.
"I accuse David Cameron and the Tory Party of rank hypocrisy because when I put forward amendments to stop the accession of West Balkan states unless they reach a certain level of wealth, not only the Tory MEPs but the MEPs of the three old parties opposed it, meaning they were quite happy to support more poor states come into the EU and therefore the UK.
"The population of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro combined is 6.5 million. The GDP per capita of the most prosperous, Montenegro, is a third of that which we enjoy in the UK. Unemployment is over 31% for Macedonia and over 44% for Bosnia-Herzegovina. Should these countries be permitted to join the European Union there will then be a giant sucking sound as their citizens - entirely sensibly from their point of view - emigrate to other, more prosperous, countries in the EU.
"The immigrants will go disproportionately to the UK, which has a combination of generous welfare and the English language. The context is, there were over 7 million immigrants to the UK in the Blair-Brown years. To be crystal clear, we strongly oppose more countries, especially poor countries with low GDP per capita joining the European Union."

28/1/2014 - Liberal Democrat MEP Graham Watson's claims about Airbus job losses simply won't fly says William Dartmouth.

UKIP MEP William Dartmouth today criticised LibDem MEP Graham Watson for scaremongering with fears of job losses at Filton Airbus plant, and falsely claiming Airbus supports Britain staying in the EU.
On Breeze Radio News bulletin at 11am Saturday 25th January, LibDem MEP Graham Watson claimed the UK leaving the EU would lead to the loss of 4000 jobs at the Filton Airbus plant.
On his website, Graham Watson states “Airbus Group UK has joined the growing list of major employers who have come out strongly in favour of Britain staying in the EU.”
On Friday morning at 11.19am, Airbus Public Affairs vice president, Katherine Bennett send out a statement contradicting what she called, “some misleading press coverage inferring that there would be job losses at our UK sites.”
She referenced Tom Williams, Airbus UK Chief Executive and Head of Programmes who said:
“Clearly we have a massive investment in the UK and I don’t think there has ever been a plan to change that. The key issue is for the UK to continue to be a competitive place to do business.”
Responding to this UKIP MEP William Dartmouth said,
“Given that Airbus have flatly contradicted allegations of stopping investment if Britain leaves the EU, I would ask Graham Watson to withdraw and apologise to the employees of Airbus for the unrest he is creating.
Mr Watson is obviously getting a bit desperate and being reckless in his words. He is simply fear mongering with false statements about the Airbus plant. Airbus obviously know more about their plans that he does. The reason they stay in the UK is because it is a ‘competitive place to do business.” Profitable trade and political union are not Siamese twins. Russian and American companies trade with companies in Europe without being part of a political union.
Perhaps he is trying to detract from his weak arguments on the UK leaving the EU or even the plethora of sexual scandals engulfing the LibDem party at the moment?
UKIP stands for self-governance and economic growth and that is the reason we wish to leave the political union of Europe with its job-destroying hyper regulation.
Mr Watson should stick to the facts in the future."

5/8/2013 - UKIP demand urgent action over Gibraltar - We must protect the rock of Gibraltar as we would any other part of Britain.

GibraltarFollowing the latest escalation by the Spanish Government over Gibraltar with the Spanish Foreign Minister threatening a range of actions including blocking of the peninsula's airspace, William Dartmouth, UKIP Euro MP for Gibraltar has said, “It is time that the Government pulled its finger out and stopped mouthing diplomatic niceties to Madrid. It is becoming obvious that the Spanish Prime Minister, caught up in a corruption scandal and with a tanking economy with over 50% of their youth out of work needs a distraction, and their futile claims over Gibraltar seem to fit his bill.
“To see this sort of behaviour from a so called ally is sad in the extreme, it is more suited to Argentina than a mature European democracy.
However, repeated maritime incursions into sovereign Gibraltarian waters, blocking the border, and now a threat to airspace and singling out Gibraltarian citizens for enhanced audits show that we are not dealing with an entirely rational Government in Madrid. What Mr Rajoy and his Government must remember is that the people of Gibraltar withstood the behaviour of Franco, as they have every attempt to intimidate them over the past three hundred years. They are not going to kowtow now. For once the British Government must show some backbone to support the people of Gibraltar. By sending a frigate to Gib, the message will ring out loud and clear, Gibraltar is British”.

2/8/2013 -  William, Exeter's UKIP MEP expresses shock at the news that a young soldier was brutally attacked in the city on Wednesday.

"What is going on in our towns and cities that this is possible? That a young Guardsman can be attacked in the early afternoon in any city is outrageous. That anybody, of what ever background could do this is appalling, that they do this while chanting the name of murdered soldier Lee Rigby makes it worse.
The young man would have been in real fear for his life. I appeal for anybody who knows anything about this cowardly attack to get in touch with the police.
My father served in the Coldstreams so I take this assault very close to my heart. I never thought I would say this, but glad that my father is not alive to see the day that this could happen."

3/7/2013 -  It's our money but Labour don't want it returned to us.

The Labour Party was accused of "craven dishonesty" for voting against a UKIP amendment in the European Parliament today to return unspent money to national budgets.
UKIP MEP William Dartmouth placed two amendments to a Motion for Resolution on the EU 2014-2020 Budget (MFF).
It called for "unspent money at the end of each year cannot be transferred to the following year but must be returned to national budgets;"
While UKIP MEPs as well as the Tories voted in favour of the amendment, Labour and LibDem MEPs voted to reject it (see results in link below).
The Labour Party in October 2012 told the world that they had voted against an EU Budget increase.
UKIP MEP William Dartmouth said after the vote:
"This vote shows the craven dishonesty of the Labour Party. In October 2012 they were crowing how they voted against an increase in the EU budget, but when given the opportunity to call for unspent money to be returned to the British Exchequer they said 'No, the EU can keep it.'
This long term EU Budget will increase the amount of money spent on EU bureaucracy as well as the bloated European External Action Service. If parties are serious about returning power and money to the British people they should have supported this amendment which Labour did not.
Today's vote shows that the Labour Party action in October was a cheap political stunt with no conviction behind it. No wonder many people are cynical about Milliband's pro-EU Labour politicians."

20/6/2013 -  Dear Dave, it's in the national interest to leave the EU and have truly free trade.

As UKIP's Trade spokesman William Dartmouth MEP has welcomed David Cameron’s admission that not only would the UK be perfectly able to create its own trade deals once free of the EU, but that currently the deals made involve compromising national interest.
“What Mr Cameron has finally admitted is a simple statement of fact. The UK as an independent actor on the international stage will be perfectly able to set up trade deals, with whoever we want to”, said Dartmouth. “More important is his acceptance that while we are in the EU trade deals are made in other countries interests, not in our own. Compromises at this level cost billions”.
The Prime Minister said, "Of course, if Britain wanted to leave the European Union… then we could make trade deals with every country in the world and that is a path open to us”. But he went on, “Clearly, you sometimes have to make compromises with partners in the European Union with whom you might not agree“.
“Come on Mr Cameron, give us that Referendum and do it fast we cannot afford to wait while our trading opportunities are hampered by not negotiating in our own interest”.

15/6/2013 -  Erdogan shows his true colours: Britain must halt call for Turkish EU membership

With significant civil unrest and the intransigent government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, UKIP Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, William Dartmouth MEP, has asked that Britain reconsider its commitment to Turkish entry to the European Union.
“Turkey is geographically 97% in Asia; however as we have just seen the Turkish government's attitude to dissent places it 100% in the Middle East.”
“The UK Coalition government's policy - favoured also by the Labour Party - is for the UK to be a cheerleader for Turkey's membership of the European Union.”
“On behalf of UKIP, I appeal in the national interest that this reckless policy be suspended and reconsidered immediately.”
“It is bad enough that EU membership for Turkey means that the UK would in effect have borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran – it is unacceptable for the UK to be in a political union with an authoritarian state in Asia with a population of 80 million.”

25/1/2013 - William reacts to David Cameron's speech on European Union.

William Dartmouth, the UKIP MEP for the South West gave this reaction to the Prime Minister's speech on Europe today:
"The very fact that we are talking about the possibility of Britain leaving the European Union is UKIP’s biggest victory to date.
Even 5 years ago the thought of this issue being even discussed was an anathema and it is a great triumph for the tens of thousands of UKIP members and supporters that they have, through calm and passionate arguments, put it on the nation’s agenda.
Today we heard the skeleton of the Yes side’s argument, how the Prime Minister will lead a Yes vote. More important, we saw that the Prime Minister refused to answer a question on whether, if he fails in his proposed negotiations, he would then support an Out.
It is public opinion that has forced Prime Minister Cameron to offer a referendum in 2017, but what he is offering means nothing.
It is clear that the EU has no intention of permitting meaningful repatriation of powers to the UK Government."

15/11/2012 - William Dartmouth applauds belated Govt action on Spanish incursions

Rock Of GibraltarWilliam Dartmouth the UKIP MEP for Gibraltar responded to news that the Government had summoned the Spanish Ambassador for a dressing down after repeated Spanish incursions into Gibraltarian waters.
William said, "I am delighted that the Government has finally done something, but it is imperative that these fine words are backed up by concrete action. For too long the British government have shied away from protecting the integrity of Gibraltar, and it is due to this repeated inaction that the Spanish feel that they can get away with it. It started with fishing boats, and has escalated to Spanish naval craft, they are obviously just pushing to see where our backbone is."
"Mr Liddington has made a start, but he mustn't let it lie there. He must keep up real pressure on Spain". The Europe Minister today summoned Ambassador Federico Trillo to the Foreign Office.

13/09/2012 - William meets the Secretary General of EFTA at the EFTA Conference in Brussels on September 13th

EFTA seminar

19/07/2012 - Anti-UKIP journalist is caught out

Kate Ironside’s article on trade and ACTA in the Western Morning News was highly partisan.
Ms Ironside’s article about ACTA’s (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) progress though the European Parliament thoroughly misinforms your readers (June 25).
Sir Graham Watson and Giles Chichester are not the only MEPs from the South West who “have seats on the key European Parliament committees”.
I serve as a full member and indeed lead for our Parliamentary group on the International Trade Committee (INTA) of the European Parliament. For ACTA as above, the International Trade Committee was, and is, the responsible committee. There are four other committees that gave opinions. Giles Chichester sits on one of these four committees. Graham Watson is a substitute on another of them.
Ms Ironside wrote:  “They (MEPs on the INTA Committee) voted last week to reject the deal by 19 votes to 12”.
The Conservatives on the INTA Committee voted in favour of ACTA. By contrast, UKIP voted against. It is UKIP that stands up for our civil liberties and the interests of the South West. On the subject of ACTA over 5,000 emails came into my little office alone.
William Dartmouth
MEP UK Independence Party

30/05/2012 - Judicial vandalism - Common Law, and British Justice is overturned in a translation issue in the Julian Assange European Arrest Warrant case.

Julian AssangeFollowing the decision of the Supreme Court to allow a final appeal on Assange's European Arrest Warrant extradition to Sweden, UKIP's South West MEP William Dartmouth said, "This is an extraordinary decision by the Supreme Court. It is a decision based on what I believe to be an incorrect interpretation of a French phrase."
Mr Assange had argued that under the UK's Extradition Act, an European Arrest Warrant could only be issued by a "judicial authority" of an EU member state.
The term "judicial authority" stems from the French term “autorité judiciaries”. The Swedish authorities argued that prosecutors, along with judges and courts, should be regarded as "judicial authorities".

22/05/2012 - Pass the sick bag! Cameron's ban on prisoner's votes is another sham

David CameronBritain's blanket ban on giving prisoners the vote, something that Prime Minister David Cameron said made him feel physically sick, was today ruled unlawful by the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
William Dartmouth, the UK Independence Party MEP for the South West said, "Somebody will have to hand our Prime Minister the sick-bag because his worst fears have come to pass. A European Court has overruled the British Parliament who voted overwhelmingly to continue the centuries old tradition of denying prisoners the right to vote.
The sovereignty of our Parliament has been set aside by a court of judges drawn from all over Europe, Moldova, Croatia, Turkey and even Andorra. It is a Mickey Mouse court making judgements worthy of Donald Duck."
Lord Dartmouth added, "What this court has done is not only to overrule parliament but to cause potential chaos throughout our legal system for years to come unless the Coalition Government back down and gives all prisoners the right to vote.
The court says that a blanket ban is unlawful. But it also says that nations will have the right to decide which prisoners get the vote and who does not. The appeals resulting from this ruling could clog our appeals court for years and even then could be overruled by the ECHR." he said.
"This court should have no right to interfere with the judgements of our courts and our Parliament. Mr Cameron and his Coalition government should recognise the deep anger and distaste throughout the country on this matter and remind the ECHR that as a sovereign nation we choose to ignore this and any other rulings that they might make in the future."

7/03/2012 - The European Union is after our pre-eminent legal sector

High Court Rolls BuildingSir,
The opening of the brand new High Court Rolls Building in London (letter, Jonathan Djanogly, 25th. February 2012), is of course to be welcomed.
In the same way as the Financial Services and Banking Sectors, Legal Services also contributes hugely to the UK economy and tax-base.
For example many commercial contracts between contracting parties who are not resident in the UK specify that if there is a dispute on the contract will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and must be litigated only in our courts. Such litigation can involve our very best commercial legal firms and barristers. These command commensurate fees. In the normal way, we could assume that revenues from the UK’s legal sector will grow and grow.
However there a major threat from the EU to the UK‘s Legal success story.
The EU is seeking the creation of EU commercial laws and an EU Commercial Court in which to litigate EU laws (The Stockholm Programme) - in the name of 'harmonisation'. These will be established not merely in competition with national jurisdictions but, compulsorily, as replacements for them.
The effect is that he EU represents just as much of a threat to the UK’s near supremacy in the Legal sector as it does to the UK’s equivalent position in Financial services.
I put forward last year the following amendment in the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament: -
"Calls on the Commission to confirm that contracting parties to commercial and all other agreements, including specifically international trade agreements, will continue to have the absolute right to write into an agreement the legal jurisdiction competent to settle any dispute, including after the Stockholm Programme has come fully into force in all its aspects."
My amendment was defeated 27-1, with British MEPs from the establishment British political parties all voting with the 27.
Unless the establishment political parties and the Legal profession itself wake up to this threat from the EU and soon, the UK’s preeminent position in Legal Services will be severely diminished.
Yours sincerely,
William Dartmouth MEP UK Independence Party

6/03/2012 - Britain should be free to do it's own trade deals again

Syed Kamall MEP writes "…the European Commission should conclude new trade agreements with Canada, India and Japan….” I agree (provided these agreements are not one sided).
The reality is that the EU's negotiations over proposed Trade Agreements with Canada and Japan are getting almost nowhere. Only the EU's Trade Agreement with India has a chance to be completed in the next 2 years.
But before 1975, Britain had its own Trade Agreements with Canada and India. We turned our backs on those agreements when we joined the then European Common Market - now the European Union. Furthermore, Switzerland - which is not a member of the European Union - now has its own Trade Agreement with Japan.
If the UK were outside the EU, the UK could negotiate its own Trade Agreements with India and Canada - and with Japan, as Switzerland has done. In terms of Trade Agreements - as in other areas - the UK would be better off outside the EU.
William (the Earl of) Dartmouth MEP UK Independence Party
UKIP Spokesman on Trade

27/02/2012 - Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson in the dock over European arrest warrant

Mike and Jason with William in BudapestYet again Sir Graham Watson MEP cannot resist telling the world that he is the man responsible for guiding the ill conceived and flawed European Arrest warrant through the European Parliament.
]Indeed Sir Graham seems to be proud of his part in bringing about this legislation even though his enthusiasm is shared by very few others.
The European Arrest Warrant overrides centuries of British judicial tradition.
Sir Graham continues to insist that the EAW is a resounding success.In support of this claim he points to the fact that a rapist and a terrorist have been brought back to face justice in a British court.
What he omits is that in both of these cases the end result would have been the same using well established extradition treaties between sovereign nations.
Sir Graham also fails to mention that this warrant has been used more than 200 times in the last year to haul British citizens abroad to face months in prison without charges being brought and with no evidence submitted to a British court.
Perhaps he has forgotten what happened to Jason McGoldrick and Michael Turner, both from the South West.
They were dragged from their homes in handcuffs by Hungarian Special Forces.
All the English magistrate could do was to affirm that the warrant had been correctly served.
The legal safe guards against extradition are no more; under the EAW extradition has become a box ticking exercise.
Sir Graham and his Lib Dem colleagues are also fervent admirers of , and apologists for, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Perhaps Sir Graham and the Lib Dems could reflect on the foreign criminals and terrorists that we cannot deport because of decisions made by that court?
So there you have it, we are not allowed to deport foreign criminals and terrorists who put us at risk – at the same time we cannot prevent our own people from being carted off for example to a former KGB prison in Budapest, Hungary – as happened with Michael Turner and Jason McGoldrick.
All this thanks to the Lib Dems. And especially Sir Graham – as he has been described "the Godfather of the European Arrest Warrant".
Yes, the Lib Dems support civil liberties – but selectively and not for us here in the UK.
William Dartmouth South West UKIP MEP

26/01/2012 - Cameron in the court of public opinion over EU Human rights

William Dartmouth, the UK Independence Party MEP for the South West, today criticised Prime Minister David Cameron's speech in Strasbourg on the European Court of Human Rights.
Lord Dartmouth said," In his election manifesto the Prime Minister promised to replace this court with a British Bill of Rights. This was warmly welcomed by many as British justice has for centuries been the envy of the world. Indeed many countries draw up contracts based on English Common Law.
"The European Court of Human Rights bases itself on the often inferior justice systems of Continental justice which all too often ignores the rights and responsibilities of the individual. Yet this court is somehow allowed to prevail over British Courts“ added Lord Dartmouth.
"All we heard from Mr Cameron in Strasbourg was bluster. He knows that so long as we remain in the European Union we must be a member of this Court.
"What we need is a Prime Minister that defends the rights of our justice system and the sovereignty of our Parliament. Westminster voted overwhelmingly to continue to deny prisoners the right to vote. This put us in direct conflict with the ECHR and it is a fight we will not win while a member of the EU.
"This court has overturned the British courts in a stream of judgements that has seen convicted terrorists, rapists and drug dealers allowed to stay in Britain.
""It was not bluster we needed from Mr Cameron “added Lord Dartmouth," It was a statement that British law and the sovereignty of the UK would be paramount".

13/01/2012 - "Turkish threats to the Duchess of York - Cameron's coalition needs to stop supporting Turkish EU membership"

British Prime Minister David Cameron and Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan"The Duchess of York has done Trojan work exposing the inhuman conditions of Turkish orphanages for which we should all be thankful.
In response to her exposé the Turkish state has disgracefully threatened her with jail.
Given Turkey's disgraceful human rights record, its continued occupation of Cyprus with 40,000 troop and its current threat to the Duchess of York it is now time for Mr Cameron as well as leaders of the Labour and LibDem parties to halt their fervent support for Turkish membership of the EU.
It has been suggested that the Duchess is unlikely to be extradited as the offense is not a crime under British law.
However, if Turkey was today a member of the European Union the Duchess would be subject to the European Arrest Warrant. In which case there would be no legal process of extradition and the Duchess would be carted off to a Turkish jail - there to languish possibly for 2 years or more before trial. If the three party leaders do not want a rerun of the 1978 film Midnight Express about a person's treatment in a Turkish prison they must, like UKIP, say no to Turkish accession to the European Union."

31/08/2011 - "A grubby EU trade and fisheries deal for Western Sahara

The EU Commission is pushing for a trade and fisheries deal with Morocco that "would exploit the natural resources and ignore the rights of the people of Western Sahara", UKIP MEP William Dartmouth has said.
Speaking after a debate at the Fisheries Committee today, he added: "The EU wants to trash the fishing grounds of the Western Sahara just as they have trashed those of the South West. This is completely unacceptable."
A member of the international trade committee, MEP Dartmouth called for a rejection of the trade deal.
"This trade deal is so bad that the legal service of the European Parliament has described it as 'a violation of the permanent sovereignty of the people of Western Sahara over their natural resources' as well as being contrary to International Law," Dartmouth added.
"It is disgusting that the EU is trashing the fishing grounds of Western Sahara. I am shocked that the UK Government would consent to this formal EU fisheries agreement. This is all very grubby indeed."
Information for editors:
"Proposal for a COUNCIL DECISION on the conclusion of a Protocol setting out the fishing opportunities and financial compensation provided for in the Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco (PDF)
"DRAFT OPINION of the Committee on Fisheries for the Committee on International Trade on the draft Council decision on the conclusion of an Agreement in the form of an Exchange of Letters between the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco concerning reciprocal liberalisation measures on agricultural products, processed agricultural products, fish and fishery products, the replacement of Protocols 1, 2 and 3 and their Annexes and amendments to the Euro-Mediterranean Agreement establishing an association between the European Communities and their Member States, of the one part, and the Kingdom of Morocco, of the other part. (PDF)

25/06/2011 - Outrage as Tory MP calls for Ukrainian membership of the EU

Dorset Tory MP, Robert Walters has today called for Ukrainian membership of the European Union. He said, "The need for deepening and developing the relationship with Ukraine is natural and needs to be conducted in line with future EU membership of the country."
William Dartmouth MEP, who represents Dorset in the European Parliament for UKIP said,
"Today we are told Croatia is to join the EU, that is another 4.5 million people will have free access to the UK, but not content with that Bob Walters is now calling for a further 45 million to have the chance. It is well known that Ukraine has porous borders with Russia and any move of this sort would be seen as an aggressive act."
"I find it amazing that in the midst of a financial crisis, and with mass migration to the UK already a serious problem this so called Conservative could even be contemplating such a foolhardy move. I only hope that he is shooting his mouth off and has no support from the Foreign Office or Number 10."
"We should trade with Ukraine, just as we should trade with the whole world, but we should not be encouraging them to join the EU", said Dartmouth.
"I challenge Mr. Walters to a debate on this daft idea anywhere in his constituency."

11/06/2011 - Knighting a republican is an affront to Her Majesty

"The award of a knighthood to Graham Watson, the sponsor of the European Arrest Warrant, serves to underline all that is wrong with the honours system, in respect of establishment politics".
"For such a person, who is primarily responsible for countless sleepless nights, suffered by British subjects in foreign prison cells, and their relatives, such a reward is, in my humble opinion, an affront."
"Furthermore, I find it hypocritical that Sir Graham, as he now is, an avowed anti-monarchist, and leading light in the campaign pressure group Republic, should accept this award in, what is, after all, Her Majesty's Birthday Honours list."

8/06/2011 - William's statement on David Bannermans defection

"David Campbell-Bannerman in defecting to the Conservatives has broken the trust of those who voted for him as a UKIP MEP.
That is why I call on David Campbell-Bannerman, who I have known as a man of honour, to resign as an MEP.
When David was chosen as a UKIP MEP candidate, he signed a pledge that he would “remain a member of UKIP for the full 5-year term or otherwise retire from the Parliament”. He has broken that promise, just as David Cameron and the others broke their promise to allow Britain a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
Mr Campbell-Bannerman must know that the Conservative/Lib Dem Coalition has supported the EU Federalist project. They have voted for and supported EU regulation of the City and Financial Services, EU diplomats and now they want votes for prisoners and the rest."

9/03/2011 - Fiddling while Rome Burns

A South West MEP today condemned the debate of control orders for terrorists by British politicians as "fiddling while Rome burns"
William Dartmouth, who represents the UK Independence Party, said that while all three main political parties were obsessing with the control orders , which can only be enforced on a maximum of fifteen suspects at a time, they were ignoring the European Arrest Warrant by means of which almost sixty million UK residents were at risk of being carted off to foreign prisons for months or even years without facing trail.
"Our democracy is based on the pillars of the rule of law, due process, the presumption of innocence and open justice, "said Lord Dartmouth."I believe that not one suspected terrorist could have inflicted more damage to these four pillars that the European Union itself.
We not only have the deeply flawed European Arrest Warrant but the European Investigation Order which forces British Police to carry out investigations into matters which very often are not crimes in the UK. This involves our Police having to hand over fingerprints and DNA samples, intercept post and e-mails as well as bank records," he said.
"The European Union is moving steadily towards a unified police force while we must also accept their Data Retention Directive which compels telecommunications companies to retain details of all e mails and phone calls. In short there is not a single aspect of our lives that the EU does not wish to fully control".
Lord Dartmouth added," All three main UK parties are now coming to the point where they accept control orders are so full of loopholes that they have become unenforceable. Perhaps they could now work towards the more serious problem of fighting to restore our traditions of British justice and fair play from the grasp of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels

15/02/2011 - The priorities are wrong

The Prime Minister's refusal to contest the European Court of Human Rights ruling that forces Britain to allow serving prisoners to vote was today condemned by a UKIP MEP.
William Dartmouth, who represents the South West, said, "Only in the mad world of the EU would we find a proud and sovereign nation compelled to give the vote to convicted rapists and murderers.
"The right to vote is not a human right it is a Civil Right - that is the British tradition" he added.
"The majority of the British public are scandalised at the thought of giving prisoners the vote and yet all our government can do is wring its hands and admit they are powerless to prevent it, "said Mr Dartmouth.
"This government has also learned it is powerless to halt the infliction of the European Arrest Warrant on British Residents. This Warrant gives all EU member states the power to have a British citizens arrested on flimsy evidence for them to be carted off to rot in foreign prisons for months or even years without trial", added Mr Dartmouth.
"It seems that this Coalition Government cares more for the rights of convicted prisoners than it does for British citizens.

10/01/2011 - Control orders ignore the real problem

A South West MEP today slammed British politicians for being obsessed with control orders which can only affect 15 suspected terrorists at a time.
William Dartmouth of the UK Independence Party said today 'They were turning a blind eye to the European Arrest Warrant which puts 60 million UK citizens at risk of being carted off to foreign prisons for months or years without trial.
Lord Dartmouth said 'the three main parties were ignoring the fact that the EAW was the real threat to a system of democracy that had endured for centuries'.
'Our justice system stands on the four pillars of due process, presumption of innocence, the rule of law and openness' said Lord Dartmouth. 'Not a single suspected terrorist could have inflicted more damage to those pillars than the European belief in this warrant which is totally at odds with British tradition.
Not only do we have to endure this deeply flawed warrant but also face a wave of legislation which will force our police to investigate matters which may not even be crimes in the UK. Telecommunication companies are being ordered to retain records of our phone calls and emails and if that were not enough, the EU is steadily working towards a unified police force' he added.
'All three main parties now accept that control orders are so full of loop holes they have become unenforceable. Perhaps they could now turn their minds to fighting to the suspension of this appalling warrant and to restoring our traditions of justice and fair play from the grasp of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels'.

30/06/2010 - Prince Charles is right to intervene over Chelsea Barracks development

The UKIP MEP for the South West has strongly defended the Prince of Wales today from the storm of criticism over his intervention in the planning row over the development of the Chelsea Barracks site in London.
Lord Dartmouth said that the Prince could point to the redevelopment of Poundbury as the way to preserve the traditions and looks of an area.
"What this country needs from its planners and architects is more sympathetic developments in the Poundbury style and much less of the almost brutal style of many modern architects "said Lord Dartmouth.
"I believe that Prince Charles was right to raise his concerns and I commend his bravery. Perhaps more people should raise their voices to protest against eyesores masquerading as progress.
Perhaps more planners should come to Dorset and take a look at Poundbury to see what can be achieved." he said.
"I applaud the Prince for his bravery and am delighted that his intervention seems to have won the day.
What this country needs is rather more thinkers like Prince Charles and rather fewer architects like Lord Rogers".

8/03/2010 - Ministry of Defence has warped spending priorities.

The Ministry of Defence has come under fire for its warped sense of priorities in how it spends its multi-billion pound budget.
UKIP MEP Lord Dartmouth said it was only right that senior figures in the Armed Forces should question the financial support of Gordon Brown during his time as Chancellor.
"Gordon Browns evidence to the Chilcott Enquiry has been challenged by senior military figures", said Lord Dartmouth, "but it is only fair to point out that the Ministry of Defence must answer for its weird and warped sense of priorities on how it has allocated its funding.
In 2007 it was revealed that the MOD had spend £2.35 billion on a lavish refurbishment of their Whitehall offices.
This money could have been spent on providing nearly 2,500 armoured vehicles which would almost certainly prevented loss of life and severe injuries caused by roadside bombs "
Lord Dartmouth added, "This £2.35 billion included more than £3million spent on custom made oak doors and an equal amount on ensuring their staff sat on ergonomic chairs
"The taxpayers money spent on their own comforts instead of the required equipment for front line troops makes you wonder how they see their responsibilities.
Gordon Brown may or may not have been guilty of cutting funding to our armed services at a time they were desperately needed.
What is not in doubt however is that the MOD spent a vast amount of money on its own office and not in vitally needed front line equipment

24/11/2009 - Asking the Hungarian authorities for a speedy resolution for the 'Budapest Two'.

Today two British men Michael Turner and Jason McGoldrick, are locked in a prison cell in Budapest for 23 hours a day.
We are here to ask Her Excellency, the Hungarian Ambassador Ms. Czako politely, for that is the British way, to ask her government to release these two men.
Failing this we ask her to use her best efforts to ensure that this case comes speedily to trial.
We also ask her to improve the conditions under which they are being held. That includes provision being made for them to have full contact with their families and their legal representatives.
Michael and Jason are imprisoned through a mechanism called the European Arrest Warrant. This was introduced, or so we were told at the time, to help fight terrorism and serious crime.
This is NOT the situation with Michael and Jason. All they are guilty of is of setting up a business venture in Hungary which sadly failed. They lost their own savings of £100,000 and left further debts of around £18,000.
It would appear that in this case the European Arrest Warrant has been grossly misused. For the record the UK Independence Party fought long and hard against the European Arrest Warrant coming into force in the UK - even though the three Big parties supported it.
But this is not a day for politics or political speeches.
Our focus MUST be on the release of Michael and Jason. When that happens, we must re-examine the whole concept of the European arrest Warrant. Otherwise and unfortunately there are likely to be yet more cases like this one.

03/11/2009 - Conned by the Mod Cons - How the Tories duped the electorate.

“In May, immediately before the European Elections David Cameron promised in a letter sent to me and several hundred thousand other people that the Conservatives would definitely hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
He has now cynically broken that promise. This demonstrates yet again that the Conservative Party cannot be trusted on the EU and probably not on anything else either.
Is this what Cameron’s Conservatives mean by the ‘New Politics’?” - William Dartmouth SW UKIP MEP

18/09/2009 - Two faced Tories vote for "the integration of Europe".

The Conservative MEPs and their Group have voted in favour of a second 5 year term for Senhor José Manuel Barroso as President of the European Commission.
In his acceptance speech Senhor Barroso said that he was "...committed to the exciting journey that is the integration of Europe...."
William Dartmouth said "Yet again the Conservative Party in Britain makes eurosceptic noises at Election time, but when they get to the European Parliament, Conservative MEPs continue to vote for a European superstate." Read Barroso's acceptance speech here where he thanks the European Peoples' Party for their support and those who want to "see the European project succeed".

16/09/2009 - William Dartmouth UKIP MEP says "Let them wait".

In an open letter to Václav Klaus, the President of the Czech republic, William Dartmouth MEP has asked the President to delay ratifying the Lisbon treaty until the UK gets a new government, paving the way for a UK referendum on the Lisbon treaty. He said "the 3 established parties secretly want the Lisbon Treaty to go through "on the nod" before the UK General Election. This is to avoid the inconvenience of British voters having to be asked their views on a European superstate.