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Brexiteer shuts down Remainer with BRILLIANT sports analogy in FIERY clash


BREXITEER MEP William Dartmouth lambasted Neena Gill in a fiery Brexit debate as the Labour Remainer MEP claimed pro-Brexit MPs in the Commons are to "blame" for the current political impasse.
The pair of British MEPs clashed on Euronews when Labour MEP Neena Gill claimed Brexiteers in the House of Commons were to "blame" for the Brexit political stalemate hitting Theresa May's Government. Ms Gill argued in favour of a second referendum as she claimed the divide in both major parties in the House represented the divide among British voters over what should happen next.
She said: “You can see how divided the country is.
"What we are reflecting is the fact that the country is totally divided so the Parliament is totally divided as to what is the best way forward. “And the blame for all this lies with the Brexiteers who didn’t think of any solutions. “They had no plan and they’ve left it to everybody else to sort it.
”But Independent MEP William Dartmouth dismissed the accusation as he reminded Ms Gill the Commons are only made of a minority of about 160 Brexiteers. He said: “There’s about 160 Brexiteers in the House of Commons, or 152 I think it is.
“And the fact of the matter is that the Remain majority have done everything they possibly can in order to frustrate the first referendum.
“Now, all this talk about a second referendum which I didn’t realise it was officially Labour Party policy, that’s very interesting. “Because it is simply designed to overturn the result.
Is it like women’s tennis where it’s best of three sets? Or men’s tennis where it’s best of five? “Do we go on and on and on and have other referendums until people like yourself actually get the result that you want? “I think that that’s not very straightforward. And I think it’s unethical.” '';
The clash comes as the Prime Minister reached out to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to come to a cross-party solution to the Brexit stand-off. As Government talks with Labour on EU withdrawal went into another day, the issue of a new Brexit referendum continued to be a focus of attention.
Ministers have considered the possibility of giving MPs a vote on holding a referendum on a deal as part of the talks with Labour, the Daily Telegraph reported.
It is understood the Government could set out proposals to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a letter on Friday. And Mrs May faced a continued challenge to her authority from Parliament as the House of Lords debated a Bill aimed at extending the Brexit process in a bid to avoid a no-deal scenario.
The remaining stages of the European Union Withdrawal Bill will be considered by peers on Monday, threatening a new political headache for the Prime Minister if it is approved.

Click here to read the full article in the Daily Express By Alessandra Scotto di Santolo

Time to Scrap HSR2


William Dartmouth MEP endorsed the scrapping of The HSR2 high speed railway network, estimated previously by the government to cost the British tax payer £55.7 billion to build- and counting . The much- criticised white elephant project, to build a high speed rail network from London to Leeds and Manchester, was brought up for discussion during BBC Question Time, and roundly condemned by the TV audience, in a programme broadcast 14th February 2019.
Said William: "Having used Britain's railway network extensively over the years, I know from personal experience that investment is very much needed, but piling over £50 billion plus into a railway line that most people do not want or need, is a misuse of resources. The Question Time audience in Aylesbury were right to want the scheme halted, and scrapped. It would be far better to cut our losses, and use the eye watering amount of tax payers' money in a more effective and targeted way, on for example new rolling stock and re-opening existing lines that were closed."

The Truth about Trade Outside the EU by William Dartmouth MEP

World tradeWhat is it about?

The case for British free trade post Brexit, is made in the new second edition booklet of The Truth About Trade Outside the EU, released January 2019.

Using statistical data, four common falsehoods are dispelled, and three clear truths are stated, giving the reader facts not fear.

Also the reasons why a world of opportunity awaits the UK after leaving the European Union.

Click here to download your copy

Why is it that those in favour BREXIT do not get a level playing field ?

DCBC Business Leader's Debate

To give One example , there was a recent Devon and Cornwall Business Council ( March 11 ) meeting billed as a “ debate “ on the EU referendum

Nevertheless , Devon and Cornwall BC in a notably eurosceptic area , where UKIP easily topped the poll in the euro elections , and where 7 MPs favour BREXIT managed to produce a seven strong panel with 4 in favour of remain , 2 neutral and just One supporting BREXIT.
This was hardly a debate.
If this kind of blatant bias continues , the credibility of the June 23 referendum will be open to question.

Pension Protest by WASPI Women

Waspi Women Protest

Hundreds of protestors ramped up the pressure on the Conservative Government at Westminster on 10th October 2018, to campaign for the reimbursement or recompense to a generation of women deprived of six years of retirement payments, by the 2011 Pensions Act.
At a time when the Prime Minister has officially ended government austerity, members of the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) rallied in London against the way little or no notice was given towards women, born in the 1950s, that the official pension age would be hiked to 66.
As a result of the government ruling, many women faced financial hardship as a result, with little or no source of income. It is estimated that 3.8 million women have been affected, with around 8,000 of them making complaints.
And now, at a time when the present Conservative Government seem prepared to pay billions of pounds to the EU for a trade deal, and throw more at the HS2 unwanted rail project and to an overblown foreign aid budget, is it time for the present administration to set the record straight, and offer reimbursement to the many British women left short by their own government? .

William Discuses Business for Cornwall, Post-Brexit

Gloucester Shire Hall

A Brexit Conference was held at Pendennis Castle (21st Sep 2018) to discuss business for the county, once the UK exits the European Union.
The event, organised by the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, acted as a forum for local companies to hear seven speakers, with differing information and perspectives on Brexit.
William Dartmouth MEP spoke in his capacity as a democratic representative for the region, and INTA Committee member with details and opinions on Cornwall and Trade. Other speakers included Liberal Democrat peer Lord Teverson, expert on EU regional policy Katie Cavell, researcher Mike Spicer, employment law experts Verity Slater and Lisa Mulholland, leader of Cornwall Council Adam Paynter with proceedings overseen and compered by the Commerce's CEO Kim Conchie.
On the contentious subject of migrant labour into Cornwall post-Brexit, specifically in agriculture, the care sector, hospitality and construction William made three key points: "One, we have a lot of talented people here; Two we can actually get people here without a permanent right of residence [via visas or permits], and Thirdly..employers have got to do a lot more about training staff." .

William Dartmouth MEP condemns Lib Dem Moves for a 2nd Referendum

Gloucester Shire Hall

Yesterday's 'People's Vote' demonstration outside of Shire Hall, Gloucestershire (12th September 2018), and motion to the council for a 2nd Referendum, was roundly condemned by South West & Gibraltar MEP William Dartmouth.
The proposal, raised by Liberal Democrat councillor Paul Hodgkinson, was seen as disrespectful towards the UK's decision to vote to leave the EU in the 2016 Referendum, and to the people of Gloucester in particular. Said William:"58.5% of the city of Gloucester voted to leave the European Union in June 2016. Interventions from Liberal Democrat politicians are wholly predictable. The Liberal Democrats are showing themselves to be neither liberal nor remotely democratic."
The political stunt, supported by many 'People's Vote' activists, became confrontational when a small number of the crowd decided to interrupt the counter-protest speeches by Brexiteers, opposite the main Shire Hall building in Westgate Street.

Campaigners Call for Democratic Reform, Post Brexit


Campaigners calling for democratic reform met at Malmesbury Town Hall, Wiltshire this Saturday [9th June 2018] to outline possible solutions to the lack of political representation within England.
The event 'After Brexit: What Future Democracy for England?' organised by the Office of William Dartmouth MEP was compered by Richard Ford, and in total nine speakers from different parties and organisations spoke proposing changes to the system of government, which included the PR voting system, the House of Lords, new parliaments for England, Wessex and Cornwall, as well as matters such as the protection of freedom of speech and ancient liberties.
Commenting on the proposals, William Dartmouth MEP, who has represented the South West of England and Gibraltar since 2009 said: "as a start we should have an elected House of Lords, elected on The basis of proportional representation."

UKIP Vindicated over Concerns of Romanian Mass Immigration


Official figures released today show there now 411,000 Romanians living in the UK , more than people from the Republic of Ireland.
This makes nonsense of the claims that when the UK opened our border to Eastern Europe, there would be no more than 13,000 migrants a year.
Perhaps the pundits and BBC Journalists who sneered at UKIP's warning that the figure would be far in excess of this will reflect- and better still apologise.

This article from The Independent in 2014 is just typical of a story designed to denigrate UKIP
Romanian and Bulgarian migration: Ukip urged to apologise over immigration 'lies and rhetoris'
Footnote - interesting that such a newspaper is not capable of spelling "rhetoric"

After Brexit: What Future Democracy for England?


"As we leave the EU, powers will return from Brussels to the parliaments and assemblies of the UK, closer to the people we all serve and with greater ability to deliver for their needs." [Theresa May, British Prime Minister, 29th March 2018]
A cross-party event on English democracy, with a line-up of speakers from different groups and parties, outlining their thoughts on democratic reform, with consideration for Proportional Representation, the House of Lords, an English Parliament and English Regional Parliaments. Nine speakers have confirmed.*
Date: Sat 9th June
Time: 11am to 1pm, Tickets £5
Location: Malmesbury Town Hall (Wesley Room), Cross Hayes, Malmesbury SN16 9BZ
For tickets: please click this link

12/4/18 Householder should be awarded the George Medal given to civilians for acts of bravery


"UKIP MEP William Dartmouth today called on the man who fought off two burglars at his home in Hither Green in London to be awarded the George Medal given to civilians for acts of bravery.

Lord Dartmouth said," What could be braver than a 78-year-old man defending his wife and his home from two burglars, who we now know were career criminals, armed with only a screwdriver.
"Mr Osborn in the heat of the struggle obviously did not mean to inflict a fatal wound on one of the intruders he was only defending himself, home and wife.
I am sure that the public who were outraged at the attack, would welcome Mr Osborn -Brooks bravery being recognised“ he added."

11/4/18 'Unite to Fight': Fishermen Encouraged to Stand Together for a Better Brexit Deal - The Economic Voice


Westcountry Brexiteers gather to support the demonstration for Britain's fishermen at Plymouth Hoe, Sunday April 8th 2018
Fishermen across the UK are being encouraged to 'speak with one voice', in order to secure the future of the industry, post Brexit, in March 2019. Protests and events were held last week, (w/c 2nd April 2018) over mounting concerns that instead of taking back control of UK Fisheries, worth between £6-8 billion, British Fishermen are being sold out, with a transition deal which sees the Common Fisheries Policy continue to until 2021, and without representation.
On Sunday (8th April 2018), an estimated 200 vessels mobilized in Hastings, Portsmouth, Milford Haven, Whitstable, Newcastle and in the South West, Plymouth. Many Brexiteers from throughout the region, rallied at Plymouth Hoe to welcome a flotilla of ships and fishing boats. This followed a week long tour of the Westcountry by Deputy UKIP Leader and Fisheries spokesman Mike Hookem MEP, who called for unity within the fishing industry in order to restore full territorial rights over British waters, and the 200 mile limit off of the British coast.
Speaking in Brixham, and supported by councillors Richard Haddock and Vic Ellery, Mike called for the regeneration of coastal communities, with "British Fishing grounds for British fishermen." All three speakers wanted to see the fishing industry expand and create jobs, 'for every 1 sea job, seven supporting jobs are created', with fish to be landed in UK harbours, and an end to Brussels regulation and diktats, which have been detrimental with discards, ban on bass fishing, risk of a return to pulse fishing and compromised quota systems.
Photo credit: Brian Cooke

16/3/18 Those People Will Do Everything They Can To Frustrate It!


William Dartmouth MEP on Brexit Negotiations & Westminster Politicians.
William Dartmouth MEP condemned the constant Brexit delays by Remain politicians, in both the House of Commons, and House of Lords, when interviewed on The Westcountry Debate, ITV's South West region politics programme last night [15th March 2018].

When asked how he thought Brexit negotiations were going, the UKIP MEP highlighted the fact that most elected representatives at Westminster were for staying in the EU during the 2016 Referendum, and are now dragging out the process of exiting the political union.
Said William: "There are a majority in the House of Commons against Brexit; there is a 90% majority in the House of Lords, of which I was briefly a member, against Brexit. And I think both of those people will do everything they can to frustrate it, and frustrate the views of the people."

15/3/18 The Salisbury Incident

Salisbury Incident

William Dartmouth MEP has praised the resilience of people living in Salisbury after the recent chemical attack within the city, as residents return to business as usual.
Lord Dartmouth said that it has been a horrific time for the city and that we must praise and recognise the work by Wiltshire Police, health workers and emergency services and for the manner in which they have responded.

He added that he hoped the government would help the city return to normal by giving every assistance to businesses that had suffered from the city being virtually closed for the past few days, while investigations have been ongoing.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

15/2/18 Brexit Boom in UK Food and Drink exports for 2017 welcomed by William Dartmouth MEP

Brexit Boom in UK Food and Drink exports for 2017 welcomed by William Dartmouth MEP

Record UK Food and Drink exports totalling £22 billion in 2017, announced by the Treasury this week, have been welcomed by South West MEP William Dartmouth. British products such as cheese, whisky and chocolate maintained their global popularity, with orders flying in from US, China, France and Hong Kong last year.
Said William: "Farmers, fishermen and food producers from the Westcountry have helped boost British exports, post Brexit. Cheddar cheese, with milk produced in the South West region is still very popular in the UK, and with respect to exports, France imported £85 million worth of British cheese last year. In more general terms, dairy sales are up 61 % which is very encouraging news, and a change from the constant Brexit negativity from a certain public broadcaster."

Government ministers believe the appetite for British food will increase after Britain leaves the EU, with products being cheaper to trade globally, encouraging sales to increase further. Popular demand already exists for salmon (£720 million), chocolate (£680 million), cheese (£623 million) and beer (£603 million). And the global market for seafood could potentially expand, if UK fishing waters are restored, with shellfish already bringing in revenue of £600 million.
Photo Credit: Pixabay

23/1/18 William resigns as UKIP's Trade & Industry Spokesperson

William resigns as UKIP Trade & Industry spokesperson

Dear Henry,
With regret This is my resignation as UKIP spokesman on Trade and industry . The NEC as well as colleagues on the London and Welsh Assemblies and fellow MEPs have all urged you to stand down as party leader with immediate effect. Your position is untenable. I am unable to serve under you

We have an important case to put over , including to rebut the CBI today . We cannot.Your personal life has become the entire story . In this context , It was a bad mistake to appear on ITV with Peston yesterday..
In the leadership election, you achieved only 30% of the votes You never had more than a vestigial mandate . That has gone . You should and must resign forthwith.
Sincerely William Dartmouth.

30/11/17The ghastly NYT takes a snobby pot-shot at Brexit Britain

Brexit Britaint

Dear Iain Martin, Re piece in your newsletter "The ghastly NYT takes a snobby pot-shot at Brexit Britain" you write: -

(11th para) "...I'm sure you could find several thousand distressed and confused Ukippers who think it is still 1912, and the empire is intact, but that's not many in a nation of more than 63m...."

May I draw your attention to the UKIP 2017 manifesto?

2017 manifesto
"...UKIP does not believe in …pledging our armed forces in advance to any other nation when it comes to important foreign policy decisions, such as those that occurred in the run-up to the Iraq War. UKIP opposed Britain becoming involved in this conflict from the start….".
"...The results of western military intervention across North Africa and the Middle East in the 21st century have been disastrous, from Libya, to Syria, Iraq, and even to Afghanistan, where a necessary initial intervention (presume 2001 - LJ) lost momentum and focus because forces were switched to the Iraq War...."

Further UKIP was the first political party to oppose the proposed intervention in Syria , as well as the intervention in Libya.
The snide assertion in the public newsletter is simply not supported by the facts, worse it is diametrically opposite the truth.
The Reaction newsletter did something very similar re UKIP and Catalonia. See appendix below.
It is all too easy for an experienced and accomplished journalist to take a cheap shot at UKIP. People in UKIP are not professional politicians.
Does a cheap shot belong in a Newsletter like “Reaction“ ?
And, surely even a cheap shot should not encompass a flagrant disregard for facts and the truth?
Very best William Dartmouth
See the video of Nigel Farage's actual speech on Catalonia (European Parliament October 4th 2017 – as President of EFDD Group).
The views which you impute to him in your newsletter "Catalan crisis is a disaster for troubled Europe" are simply not there.
Why the “fake news“ ?

25/11/17 Out Now! Demands Cap'n Blackheart & UKIP Campaigners

Captain Blackheart

Cap'n Blackheart joined Brixiteers campaigning in Brixham, as part of a Devon-Dorset Out Now! street campaign, held Saturday 25th November 2017

Said UKIP Totnes Chairman Ceri Jayes (pictured) "People are ripe and ready to support us and push for getting out of the EU. People want us to fight."

Ceri, pictured left, received support from local pirate Cap'n Blackheart.

But William Dartmouth, MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar, and Devon resident offered caution, and said: "Could captain black heart be EU " negotiator " Michelle Barnier in disguise ?"

11/10/17 Network Rail to consider plans to reopen the Newton Abbot to Heathfield railway line

World trade

A campaign to reopen a disused railway line is gathering steam as Network Rail will consider a proposal to bring back into use the Teign Valley line:

The line has previously been a freight only line and it would require significant investment to bring it up to standard for passenger services, although it is possible.
Passenger trains have not travelled on the Teign Valley line between Newton Abbot to Heathfield since 1959, and in recent years, use of the line has dwindled to just the occasional freight train

The campaign has gathered support with almost 3,000 people signing a petition backing the proposals – and has also drawn support from South West MEP William Dartmouth. Further details can be found here

09/10/17 Why does Labour want the EU to obstruct the UK discussing Trade Agreement with other countries?

World tradeAll the 17 Labour MEPs present in Strasbourg voted against the following amendment:
"Insists that the EU must not obstruct or delay any negotiations by the UK Government that seek trade agreements with third countries, provided that such agreements are intended to commence on a date after the end of March 2019"

UKIP Trade Spokesman, William Dartmouth MEP, commented:>

"The UK should and must seek to make trade deals with third countries. Labour MEPs have blatantly voted against the UK's national interest. This is a disgrace. The Labour Party should consider their position."

Inconvenient Truths About the UK and the EU by William Dartmouth MEP

World tradeWhat is it about?
Falsehoods abound on the UK’s economic relationship with the EU. This panoramic study dispels those falsehoods one by one. Using analysis, tables and graphs the works demonstrate how EU membership materially harms the UK and, thus, how BREXIT is the best way for the UK to exploit fully its inherent strengths.

The book refutes many myths surrounding the UK's EU membership.

To buy your copy, please send a cheque payable to UKIP Torbay for £5-50 (p&p inclusive), to the Office of William Dartmouth MEP, 49 Market Street, Torquay, Devon, TQ1 3AW (all profits sent to the IDDE). Any overseas orders, please email guyparfitt@williamdartmouth.org.uk.

03/02/2017 William challenges Labour MEP Seb dance to Public Debate

Nigel FarageThere is only one side that has lied in this debate – it is not Nigel Farage

Labour MP and MEPs have consistently lied about the UK's access to the Single Market on BREXIT

I am formally challenging Seb Dance to a public debate. Otherwise it is clear that he s is only capable of making false accusations in block capitals.

(Dance currently serves as a Member of the European Parliament for the London region for the Labour Party. He was elected in 2014)

Photo Credit: James Fraser

14/11/2016 Nigel Farage should be appointed as the UK's Ambassador to the US

Nigel FarageNigel Farage should be appointed as the UK's Ambassador to the USA with effect from January 1st 2017.
On BREXIT, the Special Relationship will be even more important. Nigel Farage already has good ties and a relationship with the US President-Elect Donald Trump - much better than any one else in British public life. His appointment would materially assist the UK in getting a UK-USA Trade agreement for the first time. We in the UK would then be "at the front of the queue".
Nigel Farage's appointment is clearly in the national interest. The alternative is some establishment Foreign Office "high flyer" with neither empathy nor understanding for the next US President and administration.
Nigel Farage is the best choice for UK Ambassador in Washington and the only rational one. The UK's national interest should come first.

11/4/2016 - Turkey: EU Accession - Answer by Mr David Lidington -The UK supports Turkey’s EU accession process, which remains the most effective mechanism for continuing reform in Turkey. Turkey’s accession itself is not on the cards for many years to come. Turkey first applied for associate membership of the EEC in 1959, and there remains a very significant amount of detailed work to do before Turkey is ready to join the EU including economic reforms. Every Member State has a veto at every stage. For the UK, the EU Act 2011 requires any Accession Treaty admitting a candidate country to membership to be ratified by Act of Parliament.

23/7/2014 - The countryside vote is there for the taking - William said at the Game Fair at Blenheim Palace ‘Much of our appeal is from countryside voters who are disillusioned with the political establishment. UKIP appeals to all types of people. That includes landed types as well as blue collar voters and decaying aristocrats such as myself’.

12/7/2014 - Meeting held between Gibraltar's two UKIP MEPs and Deputy Chief Minister in Brussels - They discussed Spanish activities at the border and in Gibraltarian Territorial Waters, the theft of Reefy and the apparent downgrading of the MOD presence on the Rock.

11/7/2014 - Juncker reiterates that David Cameron will not get his way on open EU borders and unlimited mass immigration. When William asked Jean-Claude if free movement of people was a founding EU principle and ‘non-negotiable’ he replied "Yes".

10/7/2014 - Open Borders are non negotiable - Jean-Claude Juncker – Free movement of workers is a ‘right’.

2/7/2014 - One Vote. One Man. - In the EU ‘Democracy’ means a choice of one.

25/6/2014 - Cameron wants Albania to join EU and have access to the UK - David Cameron breaks another promise and ignores UK voters. William Dartmouth says "clearly, David Cameron cannot be trusted".  Immigration is now the number one concern for the electorate yet our Prime Minister rides roughshod over their concerns.

5/6/2014 - Verdicts out on TTIP - Until we learn more we are not able to support the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

28/5/2014 - Lib Dems wiped out by UKIP earthquake - Graham Watson loses his seat in the South West.

27/5/2014 - Thank You! - William and his team of supporters would like to thank all of you who voted UKIP in the South West. Gawain Towler narrowly missed becoming our third MEP in the region because the electoral commission allowed a spoiler party with a similar name on the ballot paper. For the full results and all of your new UKIP MEPs go here.

19/5/2014 - Labour and Tories should say sorry - UKIP won't be apologising for the 'mistakes' of Labour and Tory governments

4/5/2014 - It's the smears that are lazy not UKIP! - William returns fire at tardy point scoring after he's ranked the third most active MEP in the UK.

22/4/2014 - Well they’re chattering now! - Fear of UKIP winning on May 22nd drives MSM into outrage.

16/4/2014 - Flooded with cash but no money for Somerset - Dredging for money is difficult in the EU.

16/4/2014 - 19 years of fraud yet we still pay the bills - The EU no longer has a legitimate mandate so why does the British government allow taxpayers to foot the bill?

11/4/2014 - Tories ban Brexit - Hague's censorship shows the Tories want to stay in the EU whatever the arguments.

3/4/2014 - Tories Tolerate Turkey - Show tacit support for censorship.

3/4/2014 - Stripping out the veto - EU wants the seat of power.

30/3/2014 - Get Britain out of the EU and into the world - British jobs are being stifled by staying in.

28/3/2014 - Freedom, Justice, Security - Lost to the EU - Our rights are being undermined and destroyed by the creation of the European Union's own system of criminal law.

20/3/2014 - EU destabilising Ukraine with promises of funding was 'dunce's diplomacy' - The British public don't want to be drawn into an EU - Russian cold war.

16/3/2014 - In the EU and ruled by the EU - William says that the so called 'British influence' in the EU has no effect in the real world.

14/3/2014 - Tories are 'investing' your money in Turkey - Some enlightening news from the Tory party in the age of austerity.

11/3/2014 - Turkish Delights - Tories want Turkey to be part of the EU in 2025.

5/3/2014 - The Environment Agency must go! - A public enquiry must be held into the Somerset flooding.

3/3/2014 - The government's current approach to the crisis in Ukraine risks making the situation in the region even worse. - William warns about being dragged into the Ukrainian crisis.

27/2/2014 - Out of the EU and into the world - We must end Britain's isolation trapped inside the EU.

26/2/2014 - All EU sales acts are final - EU is reducing contract choice in the market place via harmonisation.

14/2/2014 - We're being flooded by EU diktats which our own government are only too happy to implement - William accuses the EU of contributing to a floods crisis by putting wildlife before people.

11/2/2014 - A high speed gravy train using British Taxpayers money - William slams the EU gravy train for funding another high speed Turkey

10/2/2014 - William asks why are the LibLabCon intent on the Balkanisation of the UK? - The three old parties favour more migration from Balkans.

6/2/2014 - Petty Spanish delays are vindictive and political - Gibraltar is suffering whilst the EU ignores its own rules.

5/2/2014 - It's time to dump the EU protection racket - Even the President of Italy knows this.

23/12/2013 - Closed Europe - Everything you wanted to know about trade with the EU but were afraid to ask.

21/12/2013 - An EU bloc to global trade - The European Union is holding Britain back from prosperity.

11/12/2013 - Spend, Spend, Spend - The ‘colleagues’ show solidarity with the EU gravy train.

9/12/2013 - Can EU tell them apart? - In Wales it's UKIP versus the rest in 2014.

3/12/2013 - At a demonstration about the Spanish treatment of Gibraltar, William helps hand in a letter to the Spanish Embassy from the Defenders of Gibraltar. You can see the live stream of the long wait lines at the frontier here. Questions have also been asked if Commissioner Almunia can be objective on the subject of Gibraltar?

27/11/2013 - Bag diplomacy shows Spanish disdain for Gibraltar's sovereignty - William writes to the Spanish Ambassador to the European Union demanding an explanation over the opening of a British diplomatic bag.

21/11/2013 - William supports Gibraltar's call for a Naval deterrent against Spain - Bullies only understand blunt language.

6/11/2013 - Steel yourselves for job losses and high prices - Excess planning creates a shortage of jobs.

23/10/2013 - One rule for EU and one rule for Spain - There’s still no respite for the Rock from Spain.

23/10/2013 - The EU foreign service is a gigantic gravy train - External action service is a self-satisfied service for EU insiders.

21/10/2013 - Labour imports more unemployment - Labour are working harder to make UK unemployment even higher.

8/10/2013 - Free nations trade freely - Why can’t the UK have its own trade agreement with China? Trade is a nation's lifeblood so whoever controls it, controls everything else.

18/9/2013 - Arresting journalists should not become a European value - Turkish show trials don’t belong in Europe

10/9/2013 - UKIP in Gibraltar - To celebrate Gibraltar's national day William visits the rock.

9/9/2013 - Mud slinging media - William goes behind the real scandal of politicians' expenses

22/8/2013 - UKIP stand between the Rock and a hard place - William speaks up for Gibraltar.

6/8/2013 - Gibraltar's party has just begun - There's one party not afraid to stand up for Gibraltar's interests.

5/8/2013 - UKIP demand urgent action over Gibraltar - We must protect Gibraltar as we would any other part of Britain.

4/8/2013 - CBI's 'research' is biased and flawed - The CBI's '"Doing things by halves? ... lessons from Switzerland and Norway" is only half the story.

1/8/2013 - We should not become involved in fuelling a sectarian civil war in Syria - Cameron is following Blair's folly in Iraq

3/7/2013 - It's our money but Labour don't want it returned to us - Labour votes against UKIP amendment to return British taxpayer's money

1/7/2013 - John Kerry - Don't bug US, we'll bug EU - EU-US showdown over spying scandal.

24/6/2013 - Tories admit EU renegotiation hasn’t even begun - and it’s unlikely it will ever happen

12/6/2013 - A coalition of the unwilling - The EU foreign service diminishes our influence in the world.

2/6/2013 - Bulldozed by the Tories - When the greenbelt has gone it's gone forever.

29/5/2013 - Chipping away at the UK's permanent seat on the UN Security Council - The EU will never cease in seizing power and influence from the UK.

28/5/2013 - The view from EU - William seeks answers from EU trade commissioner Karel De Gucht.

22/5/2013 - An open door for the mass unemployed - William says there will be no limits for new jobseekers when Bosnia and Herzegovina joins the EU.

21/5/2013 - Set Anglo-US trade free - Another economic benefit of being outside of the EU customs union.

18/5/2013 - Last Brexit for Britain - Britain must take the EU exit soon.

8/5/2013 - Our membership of the EU enables interference from a Spanish politician over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands - This illustrates the point that Britain’s membership of the EU diminishes our influence in the world.

6/5/2013 - EU are under arrest - Imagine if you lived in a country where you could be held without trial for years - You already do.

20/4/2013 - Jobs are being lost as EU politics are being used to undermine trade - While the EU fiddles unemployment rises.

18/4/2013 - A green card for Turkey - Pre-accession funding for Turkey must be stopped forthwith.

17/4/2013 - Vanity Fair - The EU is a merry-go-round of largesse funding a house of vanity.

15/4/2013 - One fifth of jobs on the taxpayer funded crossrail rail project are going to foreigners despite high unemployment in Britain. - In his role as UKIP trade spokesman William says that the problem can only be solved by seizing back employment laws from the Europe Union.

31/3/2013 - The Serbs should not forget how badly they were treated by the European Union - Serbia should hold onto its sovereignty and stay out of the EU.

23/3/2013 - The politics of positive and the death of distance - William speaks at the UKIP spring conference in Exeter.

13/3/2013 - Is it right for Ukraine to send a judge to the European Court of Human Rights? - They should put their own house in order first.

12/3/2013 - Why the rush? - Serbia and Kosovo’s EU accession shouldn’t be hurried.

3/3/2013 - A wake up call to the spin and lies - With the coalition Tories having given secret assurances to the Romanian government that migrants from their country will be able to claim benefits in Britain when they arrive, William says it’s time we woke up to the spin and lies of the political classes.

23/2/2013 - Export our way out of recession - William says that the Greens must be told that the UK must export more not less to recover from the economic crisis.

21/2/2013 - Economic death by green agenda - Green policies are creating unemployment across Europe.

20/2/2013 - A warrant for EU - Our politicians have handed over UK justice to a foreign power.

16/2/2013 - Education, Health and Housing for Eastleigh - UKIP raise the issues that matter for the voters of Eastleigh.

7/2/2013 - Spain is deliberately provoking tensions with Gibraltar - William says that the Government must now draw a line in the sand following the latest incursion by Spain.

6/2/2013 - Kurds must be free from Turkish oppression - The establishment must stop sweeping the oppression of the Kurdish people under the carpet.

26/1/2013 - The EU only benefits politicians like Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson - Only UKIP want MEPs to be made redundant.

24/1/2013 - We need to get out of European Union and into the world - Things can only get better when you’re out of the EU.

18/12/2013 - Made by EU - and built by Brussels bureaucrats. The provenance of where things are made.

17/12/2013 - The bogus argument that trade implies political union - William makes comparisons with Brazil on trade.

16/12/2013 - Tories should stop splitting UKIP’s vote - William says there should be no deals with the vote splitting Tories.

15/12/2013 - A question of confidence - The EU wants to rate itself. How will the markets react?

14/12/2013 - Audit? - What Audit? - William Dartmouth asks if MEPs know what’s going on in the EU?

12/12/2012 - Britain is not here to serve as an arm of the Obama administration's foreign policy - William says "It is not the job of the UK to make the work of US diplomats easier. It is our job to secure our own interests."

12/12/2012 - Abolish the EAW now! - In the European parliament William calls for the injustices and automatic extradition of the European arrest warrant to end.

10/12/2012 - Guilty as charged - William makes the case against the European court of human rights and the European arrest warrant at a public meeting in Bournemouth.

09/12/2012 - Trial by European Arrest Warrant – After eight years Michael Turner and Jason McGoldrick’s case finally went to trial in Hungary on November 29th.

25/10/2012 - Britain can be a proud nation once more and go it alone without the European Union – William says that Mr De Gucht’s concern about our future is misplaced".

24/10/2012 - Trade agreements with Japan, the EU way – William debates with Tory MEP Syed Kamall over EU trade negotiations with Japan.

23/10/2012 - Trade dictatorships – Detrimental trade terms are holding back the UK economy.

26/9/2012 - It's time to take a tougher line with Spain over Gibraltar – William urges the British Government to be stronger in its dealings with Spain over Gibraltar’s territorial waters.

19/9/2012 - Chalk and cheese – The Anglosphere vs the EU.

12/9/2012 - Daniel Cohn-Bendit fails to understand democracy – Play the ball and not the man. Cohn-Bendit's left wing prejudices get the better of him.

12/9/2012 - Over fished under stocked and over here – UKIP blasts the European Union’s common fisheries policy and the economic and environmental damage it has caused.

11/9/2012 - Duff advice on a common European foreign policy – The Liberal Democrats want a common European foreign policy.

10/9/2012 - Heading for the Grexit – An exit from the Euro and return to the Drachma is the only solution for Greece.

14/7/2012 - European (Trade) Union – The EU has a perpetual stream of socialist policies which are impossible to repeal and bypass national democracies.

16/6/2012 - Schengen is bordering on bonkers – A common sense free zone across the European Union.

12/6/2012 - "Put your own house in order over human rights" – In the eyes of the EU some people's rights are better than others.

10/6/2012 - Is the EU becoming a nation state? – William challenges the 'mission creep' of the European Union.

24/5/2012 - Euro-Slush! The EU is funding corruption in other countries using British taxpayer's money.

23/5/2012 - Pass the sick bag! Cameron's ban on prisoner's votes is another sham - Cameron is proved powerless once again in the face of rulings by the European Union.

20/5/2012 - Building and maintaining the EU empire across the world - The EU needs to employ a lot of people to project their power across the globe and William asks how many civil servants does the EU employ worldwide in their delegations?

3/5/2012 - The unknown war Britain must win - If you want to keep your liberties you must challenge the political orthodoxy..

27/4/2012 - The great European Union pretence - The grand illusion of the EU super-state.

20/4/2012 - Abu Qatada – Behind the headlines - The real story behind the coalition's contorted dealings with Abu Qatada.

19/4/2012 - Who really is 'swivel eyed' here? - The Minister of state for energy and climate change Gregory Barker is challenged to a public debate by William over his remarks on UKIP being 'swivel eyed'.

18/4/2012 - Low taxes mean more jobs and more growth - William challenges the far left socialist orthodoxy and mindset that controls the European Union.

14/4/2012 - Malcolm Wood has passed away - Malcolm was part of William's team in the South West and he will be sorely missed.

29/03/2012 - Blue cards – Yellow Answers - Questions and non answers about Turkey and the EU budget

29/03/2012 - Asian Allies - Keeping up the pressure on Bashar al-Assad and the Turkish connection.

29/03/2012 - The EU is "Surplus to requirements" - Why does Britain need to belong to a very expensive organisation that is detrimental to our interests and where 17 week holidays are the norm?

28/03/2012 - Does Turkey have to join the EU to be an ally? - William confronts Tory MEP Geoffrey Van Orden MEP on the conservatives' policy on Turkey joining the European Union.

27/03/2012 - All your data and people 'are' belong to us - Baroness Sarah Ann Ludford MEP speaks for the illiberal undemocratic party in the UK and William Dartmouth responds.

22/03/2012 - Mythbusters - The European External Inaction Service is based on a gigantic myth.

20/03/2012 - Bosnia-Herzegovina would have to join the euro - William challenges the Council and Commission statement on the enlargement report for Bosnia-Herzegovina.

14/03/2012 - Bosnia-Herzegovina - The never-ending cost of EU membership - William reveals how hard hit British and European taxpayers foot the bill for EU expansion.

04/03/2012 - Euro-Rendition - The time for debate is over - Mike and Jason have been trapped by a Kafkaesque bureaucracy thanks to the Liberal Democrats and their coalition partners the Tories.

27/02/2012 - Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson in the dock over European arrest warrant - William accuses Graham Watson of trashing British freedoms.

21/02/2012 - William will be in Budapest as an observer to support Mark and Jason - Jason McGoldrick and Michael Turner are returning to Hungary for a court hearing next week and William will be there as an observer of the proceedings.

3/02/2012 - Is Baroness Ashton hiding from scrutiny? - William says "Ashton was Gordon Brown's fourth choice for the position she now holds. MEPs were today showing what they think of this appointment. That is why the chamber was virtually empty."

26/01/2012 - The politics of trade
The EU uses weapons of mass production for political ends.

25/01/2012 - EU trade sanctions against the Commonwealth
William says sanctions by the European Union against Commonwealth nations are of grave concern.

24/01/2012 - Blair was ready to surrender Gibraltar
What else would he have surrendered?

18/01/2012 - Pie in the sky
The Danish recipe for jobs.

13/01/2012 - Turkish threats to the Duchess of York
William says Cameron's coalition must stop supporting Turkish EU membership.

11/01/2012 - Rail plan will have no benefit for Bristol or the South West
William slams the Tories approval of High Speed Rail 2 over high costs and zero benefits.

20/12/2011 - Tory MEP thinks Icelandic Minister Stalinist
Sir Robert Atkins Conservative MEP - The true face of the Tories.

18/12/2011 - William pays tribute to Graham Booth
"His goodness, kindness and selflessness shone through all he did. Anybody who knew him will only remember the laughter and good humour that followed in his wake. "Devon has lost a great voice and a fine man. "My deepest condolences go out to his family, friends and to Devon itself which has lost a great advocate."

5/12/2011 - Voting for an open prison
William's amendment to safeguard liberties in Europe is rejected.

14/12/2011 - Trial by EAW
Locked up without trial – The European arrest warrant.

13/12/2011 - Strip the British rebate!
Smash and grab - EU socialists want more British money.

7/12/2011 - Nul Point
Euro ratings crash – Standard & Poor's downgrade the Eurozone bloc.

23/11/2011 - Quota question
No Kidding! - EU trade with Pakistan and India.

22/11/2011 - The cost of Kosovo
A failed state - The price of EU enlargement.

16/11/2011 - Economic Misgovernance
Very high levels of youth unemployment are still rising across Europe and the UK with more than a million 16 to 24-year-olds out of work in Britain.

16/11/2011 - "Germany is dominating Europe"
Pulling the strings - Political Puppetry in the European Union.

24/10/2011 - A bad day for Dave and the political classes - A good day for the resistance
On Monday 24th October 2011 Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats MPs voted by a majority of 372 to oppose the motion for a referendum on the UK's membership of the EU.

17/10/2011 - Cat-astrophic!
Human wrongs and legal rights.

13/10/2011 - Projecting 'soft' power through trade
Cloaking the real agenda behind trade agreements.

3/10/2011 - Cashflow Crash
The market markdowns the stupid Euro.

28/9/2011 - Blue Cards
Points of light in the European 'Parliament.

26/9/2011 - Trading places
Better off out - Making our own choices in our own interest.

17/9/2011 - More Europe
Failed federasts get their beneficial crisis.

12/9/2011 - Through the looking glass
DOHA - Let them eat jam tomorrow.

3/9/2011 - Fears of import free-for-all over controversial fish deal
"How can it be right that Morocco, which has no recognised claims to these waters, can be allowed to carry on without the strict restrictions that the British fishing industry has had to bear for so long?"

16/8/2011 - UKIP support surges in the SW
Tory and Labour support is down.

24/7/2011 - When in a hole keep digging
"EU Good - More EU Better".

15/7/2011 - "No imprisonment without trial"
Shipped off with no right of appeal because of the European arrest warrant.

14/7/2011 - Too little - Too Late
There's not much left to catch after the damage done by the Common Fisheries Policy.

13/7/2011 - The enemies within
It's the UK politicians who are giving control to the EU.

12/7/2011 - Arrest and deportation
Spot the difference - British subjects can be arrested and sent abroad but foreign nationals can't be deported.

6/7/2011 - "Events dear boy"
Changes to Schengen and the EU Nomenklatura.

6/7/2011 - Politics and Geography don't necessarily mix
Geographical Europe vs Political Union.

22/6/2011 - Frozen feet and cold shoulders
Default positions - The bankers wake up.

22/6/2011 - Open borders don't work and aren't in the British national interest
William says that the Schengen Agreement is “unworkable” in the 21st century and the proposal to review it is “inevitable.”

18/6/2011 - Andrew Symeou is acquitted
The European Arrest Warrant is now in the dock.

9/6/2011 - Perspectives
Imprisonment in America and Europe.

8/6/2011 - Knighting a republican is an affront to Her Majesty
On hearing the news of Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson receiving a knighthood William has said "The award of a knighthood to Graham Watson, the sponsor of the European Arrest Warrant, serves to underline all that is wrong with the honours system, in respect of establishment politics".
"For such a person, who is primarily responsible for countless sleepless nights, suffered by British subjects in foreign prison cells, and their relatives, such a reward is, in my humble opinion, an affront."
"Furthermore, I find it hypocritical that Sir Graham, as he now is, an avowed anti-monarchist, and leading light in the campaign pressure group Republic, should accept this award in, what is, after all, Her Majesty's Birthday Honours list."

8/6/2011 - Liberty ends at Calais for the Lib Dems
Sarah Ludford and the illiberal anti-democrats.

7/6/2011 - The brutal truth about the proposed EU-Canada trade agreement
Trade agreements comes with strings attached.

5/6/2011 - Outrage over pay cut for Parachute regiment
William Dartmouth says our troops deserve better.

12/5/2011 - Cultural Learnings of Europe for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of EU
Detached Attachés in another cultural dimension.

10/5/2011 - The Un-Common Market
We were sold a lemon in 1973.

9/5/2011 - Zero growth under Lisbon
The Greens recipe for trade will lower our living standards.

18/4/2011 - Will you be celebrating Europe day today? - How did we reach this point and who is really to blame?

15/4/2011 - Supply and demand
Far left ideas are driving policy agendas in the European Union.

14/4/2011 - William meets the ambassador of Pakistan
William met H.E. Mr Jalil Abbas Jilani, Ambassador of Pakistan to the EU, Belgium, Luxembourg and NATO, and presented him with a special edition of speeches made by all the MEPs who spoke at a debate on the assassination of William's friend Salmaan Taseer who was murdered after speaking up for a Christian.

6/4/2011 - Using the European Investment Bank to implement EU policy with the costs passed on to taxpayers
What cost for meddling in the E.I.B.?

14/3/2011 - The UK Government is guilty of neglecting British Subjects
Sacrificing our historic liberties on the altar of European Union

10/3/2011 - Breaking news - Michael Turner to sue the UK and Hungarian authorities
Michael Turner who had his life turned upside down by the European arrest warrant is going to take the government to court.

9/3/2011 - Dartmouth vs Duff
What mandate? – UKIP battles the Lib Dems in Strasbourg.

5/3/2011 - The Alternative Vote
Is AV good or bad for UKIP? - William Dartmouth explains.

17/2/2011 - The lender of last resort
The taxpayer will foot the bill for political meddling in the European investment bank.

17/2/2011 - Patently unjust
Far east rip-offs are causing problems for British industry.

15/2/2011 - Debt Union
Owing the European Union a great debt.

7/2/2011 - Answer the question
How can you innovate by diktat?

3/2/2011 - Over-ruled, Over-led, Over-taxed and Over here
The UK bears the brunt of the Euro-Regime.

20/1/2011 - European ‘Tax competition’
No debate is allowed over EU wide taxes.

20/1/2011 - Breathe Easy
William calls for an inquiry into why a breakthrough inhaler for asthma sufferers is being shelved for 14 years.

19/1/2011 - A friend and a moderate
William Dartmouth pays respect to Punjab Governor Salman Taseer who was murdered on January the 4th in Islamabad after his defence of a Christian woman sentenced to death.

2/12/2010 - Investment without barriers
Removing the EU handicap to trade.

24/11/2010 - Using trade as a tool to push the global warming agenda
Political meddling will make the world a poorer place.

24/11/2010 - Where do EU funds come from?
Conservative MEP Kay Swinburne is very pleased for the EU to have their cut and cream off UK taxpayers money.

10/11/2010 - Business as usual
The Court of Auditors have rejected the EU accounts yet again, and the European 'Parliament' wants to postpone the vote on this.

20/10/2010 - Trade works better than aid
But why should the UK have to ask with whom it can trade with?

20/10/2010 - Whose money is it anyway?
William sets the record straight on 'EU money'.

19/10/2010 - Cause and effect
Contrasting Graham Watson's enthusiasm for the European arrest warrant with the reality as told by Jason McGoldrick.

28/09/2010 - Using trade as a political tool
How the EU uses 'Corporate social responsibility' as a tool in its' political agenda.

16/09/2010 - French/EU veto on UK trade deal with Pakistan should be ignored
The Earl of Dartmouth asks the Prime Minister to unilaterally open up a free trade deal with Pakistan to help mitigate the effects of the recent floods.

4/09/2010 - Turkey - a state too far
The effects of Turkish membership of the European Union on the United Kingdom.

4/09/2010 - No Truth - No Justice
Mark Turner and William Dartmouth expose the British politicians who are giving away our liberty.

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