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WD statement for website re UKIP - July 2018

Our South West MEP William Dartmouth had a meeting at the European Parliament in Strasbourg with interim Party Leader Gerard Batten on March 13th 2018.
All UKIP MEPs had attended the meeting where it was agreed that the party should concentrate its efforts toward the best possible BREXIT deal.
William told Mr Batten that he should not make his personal views on Muslims (and in particular halal meat) take precedence over BREXIT.
Mr Batten was informed that William Dartmouth could not support his views and that BREXIT should remain the main thrust.
William also questioned the appointment of Mr Alan Craig as a newly created national spokesman on Family Affairs and Children.
William pointed out that according to many press reports Mr Craig had made homophobic remarks. He pointed out that if those press reports were correct then the appointment should be reviewed.
Furthermore, it is not the custom in British politics for social issues to be party political.
William Dartmouth in effect put Mr Batten on notice.

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