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30th December 2014
How sustainable is the population increase in the UK?

Myth of importance of EU trade blown apart as experts reveal it is NOT vital to UK economy
Ukip trade spokesman William Dartmouth MEP said yesterday: “The UK’s rising exports to the Commonwealth and declining exports to the EU demonstrates that there is no economic reason at all for the UK to be in a political union with the low-growth economies of the Eurozone.
Daily Express: 9th December 2014

24th November 2014
More power to the EU Commission over what can or cannot be exported

30th September 2014
Commissioner Malmstrom evades question on possible UK-EU trade agreement

29th September 2014
William speaks at the 2014 UKIP Conference in Doncaster on "Made for Trade"

4th September 2014
William speaks on the Agenda Item - US government needs to do more to explain ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement)

3rd Sepetember 2104
William speaks on the controversial EU-Ukraine agreement that will have serious consequences

Wiiliam at Christchurch Street Market

William recently visited the Christchurch Street Market, Dorset and was welcomed by local resident, Rich Turner. Earlier this month Rich, who works within the Marine Industry, was elected to represent the parliamentary constituency for Mid Dorset & North Poole by local members of the UK Independence Party. William wishes him well in his future endeavours.

Farage at game fair

The countryside vote is there for the taking - William said at the Game Fair at Blenheim Palace ‘Much of our appeal is from countryside voters who are disillusioned with the political establishment. UKIP appeals to all types of people. That includes landed types as well as blue collar voters and decaying aristocrats such as myself’.

Meeting held between Gibraltar's two UKIP MEPs and Deputy Chief Minister in Brussels - They discussed Spanish activities at the border and in Gibraltarian Territorial Waters, the theft of Reefy and the apparent downgrading of the MOD presence on the Rock.

Juncker reiterates that David Cameron will not get his way on open EU borders and unlimited mass immigration. When William asked Jean-Claude if free movement of people was a founding EU principle and ‘non-negotiable’ he replied "Yes".

Open Borders are non negotiable - Jean-Claude Juncker – Free movement of workers is a ‘right’.

On behalf of his SW constituents William writes to the Prime Minister urging him to hold a Public Enquiry into the flooding of the Somerset Levels

One Vote. One Man. - In the EU ‘Democracy’ means a choice of one.

Cameron wants Albania to join EU and have access to the UK - David Cameron breaks another promise and ignores UK voters. William Dartmouth says "clearly, David Cameron cannot be trusted".  Immigration is now the number one concern for the electorate yet our Prime Minister rides roughshod over their concerns.

Verdicts out on TTIP - Until we learn more we are not able to support the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

An avalanche of cabbages! - Free trade is buried under the EU's regulatory gobbledygook.

Lib Dems wiped out by UKIP earthquake - Graham Watson loses his seat in the South West.

Thank You! - William and his team of supporters would like to thank all of you who voted UKIP in the South West. Gawain Towler narrowly missed becoming our third MEP in the region because the electoral commission allowed a spoiler party with a similar name on the ballot paper. For the full results and all of your new UKIP MEPs go here.

Labour and Tories should say sorry - UKIP won't be apologising for the 'mistakes' of Labour and Tory governments

William is out and about campaigning across the South West for the May 22nd European elections - It's a huge area but William will travel across the South West to meet as many constituents as possible.

It's the smears that are lazy not UKIP! - William returns fire at tardy point scoring after he's ranked the third most active MEP in the UK.

Well they’re chattering now! - Fear of UKIP winning on May 22nd drives MSM into outrage.

Flooded with cash but no money for Somerset - Dredging for money is difficult in the EU.

19 years of fraud yet we still pay the bills - The EU no longer has a legitimate mandate so why does the British government allow taxpayers to foot the bill?

Tories ban Brexit - Hague's censorship shows the Tories want to stay in the EU whatever the arguments.

Out of the EU and into the world! - William releases a new booklet highlighting why the UK does not need to be in a political union in order to trade and other inconvenient truths.

Tories Tolerate Turkey - Show tacit support for censorship.

Stripping out the veto - EU wants the seat of power.

Get Britain out of the EU and into the world - British jobs are being stifled by staying in.

Freedom, Justice, Security - Lost to the EU - Our rights are being undermined and destroyed by the creation of the European Union's own system of criminal law.

Gloucester public meeting a success - A showcase for the great diversity within UKIP.

EU destabilising Ukraine with promises of funding was 'dunce's diplomacy' - The British public don't want to be drawn into an EU - Russian cold war.

In the EU and ruled by the EU - William says that the so called 'British influence' in the EU has no effect in the real world.

Tories are 'investing' your money in Turkey - Some enlightening news from the Tory party in the age of austerity.

Turkish Delights - Tories want Turkey to be part of the EU in 2025.

Gibraltar Airport voted out of Single European Sky agreement - MEPs (including Labour ones) have voted to exclude Gibraltar Airport from common aviation rules.

The Environment Agency must go! - A public enquiry must be held into the Somerset flooding and affected residents fully compensated.

William Dartmouth has warned that the government's current approach to the crisis in Ukraine risks making the situation in the region even worse - William gives a stark warning about being dragged into the Ukrainian crisis.

Out of the EU and into the world - We must end Britain's isolation trapped inside the EU. Here is a full transcript of William's speech to UKIP's spring conference in Torquay.

All EU sales acts are final - EU is reducing contract choice in the market place via harmonisation.

We're being flooded by EU diktats which our own government are only too happy to implement - William accuses the EU of contributing to a floods crisis by putting wildlife before people.

A high speed gravy train using British Taxpayers money - William slams the EU gravy train for funding another high speed Turkey and says "The fact that British taxpayers' money is going towards funding a new railway line in Turkey when our Government is forcing huge cuts on services and infrastructure at home will no doubt appal many people."

William asks why are the LibLabCon intent on the Balkanisation of the UK? - The three old parties favour more migration from Balkans.

Petty Spanish delays are vindictive and political - Gibraltar is suffering whilst the EU ignores its own rules.

It's time to dump the EU protection racket - Even the President of Italy knows this.

Somerset floods and Tory policy from an interview in March 2013 - The Tories knew about river silting in March 2013 and a combination of Tory/EU resource allocation has worsened the flooding in Somerset.

Graham Watson's scaremongering over Airbus jobs won't fly - Airbus says "The key issue is for the UK to continue to be a competitive place to do business".

Closed Europe - Everything you wanted to know about trade with the EU but were afraid to ask.

An EU bloc to global trade - The European Union is holding Britain back from prosperity.

Spend, Spend, Spend - The ‘colleagues’ show solidarity with the EU gravy train.

Can EU tell them apart? - In Wales it's UKIP versus the rest in 2014

UK migration inflow from 1997 to 2010

Shock figures from the office of national statistics show the true extent of the establishment politicians desire for opening UK borders. The chart above shows the rise in the influx of immigrants to Britain since 1997. William says that for the many who have concerns about the unstoppable flow of immigrants to Britain, the only party who will really address this issue is UKIP.

At a demonstration about the Spanish treatment of Gibraltar, William helps hand in a letter to the Spanish Embassy from the Defenders of Gibraltar. You can see the live stream of the long wait lines at the frontier here. Questions have also been asked if Commissioner Almunia can be objective on the subject of Gibraltar?

Bag diplomacy shows Spanish disdain for Gibraltar's sovereignty - William writes to the Spanish Ambassador to the European Union demanding an explanation over the opening of a British diplomatic bag.

William supports Gibraltar's call for a Naval deterrent against Spain - Bullies only understand blunt language.

Steel yourselves for job losses and high prices - Excess planning creates a shortage of jobs.

One rule for EU and one rule for Spain - There’s still no respite for the Rock from Spain.

The EU foreign service is a gigantic gravy train - External action service is a self-satisfied service for EU insiders.

Labour imports more unemployment - Labour are working harder to make UK unemployment even higher.

William thanks everyone for their support in the recent UKIP MEP candidate selection process.

Free nations trade freely - Why can’t the UK have its own trade agreement with China? Trade is a nation's lifeblood so whoever controls it, controls everything else.

UKIP in Dorset at the Dorchester county show - Spreading UKIP's message across the county.

Arresting journalists should not become a European value - Turkish show trials don’t belong in Europe.

UKIP in Gibraltar - To celebrate Gibraltar's national day William visits the rock.

Mud slinging media - William goes behind the real scandal of politicians' expenses

UKIP stand between the Rock and a hard place - William speaks up for Gibraltar.

Gibraltar's party has just begun - There's one party not afraid to stand up for Gibraltar's interests.

UKIP demand urgent action over Gibraltar - We must protect Gibraltar as we would any other part of Britain.

William expresses shock at the news that a young soldier was brutally attacked in Exeter on Wednesday - "My father served in the Coldstreams so I take this assault very close to my heart.

CBI's 'research' is biased and flawed - The CBI's '"Doing things by halves? ... lessons from Switzerland and Norway" is only half the story.

We should not become involved in fuelling a sectarian civil war in Syria - Cameron is following Blair's folly in Iraq.

It's our money but Labour don't want it returned to us - Labour votes against UKIP amendment to return British taxpayer's money.

John Kerry - Don't bug US, we'll bug EU - EU-US showdown over spying scandal.

Tories admit EU renegotiation hasn’t even begun - and it’s unlikely it will ever happen.

"Dear Dave" -'s in the national interest to leave the EU and have truly free trade.

Erdogan shows his true colours - Britain must halt call for Turkish EU membership.

A coalition of the unwilling - The EU foreign service diminishes our influence in the world.

Bulldozed by the Tories through open borders - Mass house building is being fuelled by mass immigration.

Chipping away at the UK's permanent seat on the UN Security Council - The EU will never cease in seizing power and influence from the UK.

The view from EU - William seeks answers from EU trade commissioner Karel De Gucht.

An open door for the mass unemployed - William says there will be no limits for new jobseekers when Bosnia and Herzegovina joins the EU.

Set Anglo-US trade free - Another economic benefit of being outside of the EU customs union.

Last Brexit for Britain - Britain must take the EU exit soon.

Our membership of the EU enables interference from a Spanish politician over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands - This illustrates the point that Britain’s membership of the EU diminishes our influence in the world.

EU are under arrest - Imagine if you lived in a country where you could be held without trial for years - You already do.

Jobs are being lost as EU politics are being used to undermine trade - While the EU fiddles unemployment rises.

European arrest warrant
European arrest warrant
Economics and the EU
Economics and the EU
Turkish EU membership
Turkish EU membership
Baroness Ashton
Baroness Ashton

The European arrest warrant

EU are under arrest - Imagine if you lived in a country where you could be held without trial for years - You already do.
Cause and effect
- (1m 53secs) Contrasting Graham Watson's enthusiasm for the European arrest warrant with the reality as told by Jason McGoldrick. If you wish to make a donation and help Mike and Jason with their costs click here
No Truth - No Justice
(8m 57secs) - Mark Turner and William Dartmouth expose the British politicians who are giving away our liberty.
Lowering the standards of justice
(3m 11secs) - EU harmonisation is destroying British justice.
This has to stop!
(1m 11secs) - William demands an "immediate suspension of the European arrest warrant".
Doing time in Budapest (5m 35secs) - As of the 13th of February Mike and Jason have been locked up without trial for 114 days.
A father's story (7m 28secs) - After the release on bail of Michael Turner and Jason McGoldrick, Mark Turner speaks about the ordeal they’ve been through.
EU Justice (7m 43secs) - A visit to a Budapest prison to discover at first hand the reality of being caught up by the European Union arrest warrant and Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson is confronted by William over his part in the creation of the E.A.W. The Observer has the background.
J'accuse (5m 37secs) - William names and shames the political suspects.
Prisoners of the European Union (2m 2secs) - The realties of being caught up by the European Arrest warrant.

The economy and the European Union

Trade works better than aid (2m 8secs) - But why should the UK need to ask with whom it may trade with?
Irresponsible socialism (2m 34secs) - Job creation and the rhetoric of socialism.
Cheese Eton Surrender Monkeys
(5m 54secs) - David Cameron and George Osborne are in Europe and run by Europe.
Read the label
(1m 55secs) - Will the UK be forced to comply with new labelling requirements?
Transfer Union
(1m 52secs) - EU2020 strategy will bring about economic chaos
Beneficial crisis
(2m 55secs) - The AIFM directive - turning a crisis into a regulation opportunity.
It's all Greek?
  - A question on the Greek economic bailout leaves a lot unanswered.
(2m 14secs) - William speaks out on behalf of the unemployed across Europe and supports small businesses being the engine to create new jobs. You can watch the full debate here.
From Redcar to Copenhagen - Christopher Booker, columnist for the Sunday Telegraph,  makes the connections between job losses, the EU and 'global warming' in our guest slot.
Jobs crisis in the European Union (1m 59secs) - "They are ringing the bells now, very soon they will be wringing their hands"
The Three Amigos (2m 48secs) - Euro-Med trade-offs are not in the UK's interests.
UK - Japan trade links (3m 27secs) - We have bigger ambitions than the E.U. cul-de-sac.

Turkish EU membership

Turkey - A State too far (8m 24secs) - William Dartmouth talks Turkey at the UKIP national conference.

The Turkish question (52secs) - Is Turkey actually in Europe?
The bigger picture
(5m 48secs) - Sizing up the future of the European Union.
European fault line (1m 19secs) - The cracks are beginning to show in European Union.

Baroness Ashton and the CND connection

Smiling Cathy
Why is our High representative Cathy Ashton smiling? - Find out here.
Explanations please (1m 31secs) - William demands an explanation on why his mike was switched off.
Time to get angry
(6m 23secs) - Politics with a passion.
Lady Ashton's record
- William sets the record straight in a letter to the Telegraph.
Arctic freeze!
(1m 41secs) - William has his microphone switched off in the EU 'Parliament' during the EU's 'Arctic Policy' debate.
A seat on the UN security council?
(1m 36secs) - Ashton is quizzed over her views on a common seat on the UN security council.
Asking questions
- William writes to Baroness Ashton to clarify her past connections to the campaign for nuclear disarmament.
Non Je Ne Regrette Rien (2m 23secs) - Does Ashton regret her past involvement with the CND?
Cathy come home - Mary Ellon Synon goes in search of Baroness Ashton.
Could this woman have a veto over the Falklands dispute? - With Argentina making noises over the Falklands again, it's important to know how the 'High Representative for Foreign Affairs' treated this issue in the past.

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