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30th May 2019
Why did the UK electors vote for Brexit in June 2016?
William has had a vantage point in the last 9.5 years as an elected Member of the European Parliament; almost all that time as EFDD Group Coordinator (in US parlance “ranking member”) on the European Parliament’s Committee for International Trade.
To download a copy of William's latest book "Everything you always wanted to know about Brexit – but never dared ask" click here

15th May 2019
William on Raw Politics: Candidates for the Presidency of the European Commission, Post Debate Analysis

15th May 2019
William on Raw Politics discussing the rise of populism

Sri Lanka

26th April 2019
It is deeply saddening to learn of the appalling and cowardly attacks in Sri Lanka
“These have claimed the lives of over two hundred people and injured severely many more. It is so hard to process.
On behalf of my Team and in this I believe I can speak for constituents, I offer my sincere condolences to the Families who have lost loved ones and wish a speedy recovery to those who have been injured.
It was an honour to visit the beautiful country of Sri Lanka last Year and will cherish the memories of my time there. The heinous attacks on Hotels and Christians at prayer in churches are sickening. No one should be attacked for their Faith. Churches are a place of Worship, where all should feel safe and secure. What kind of world are we living on?
I am united with my peers across the European Parliament in condemning these attacks. I stand in solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka. We must all do everything in to help combat violent extremism in all forms.
To the people of Sri Lanka, I hope that peace is restored to you swiftly. You are not alone."

24th April 2019
William talking on GBC about his forthcoming book

Free Trade

18th April 2019
European Elections 23th May 2019
These elections are insulting to All of the electors in the UK. We were endlessly promised BREXIT on March 29th.
The elections are happening in direct consequence of the failure of the political establishment to deliver.
I will not be standing. For the record, my vote will be for the BREXIT Party.

3rd April 2019
Why is EU not seeking good trade relations with UK as it does with China?

2nd April 2019
EU Commission vetting foreign direct investment in Member States

18th March 2019
Raw Politics - William discussing EU Elections and EU Interference and is Europe a far-right breeding ground

14th March 2019
EU using trade preference schemes to advance own political agenda

13th March 2019
EU US trade yet another victim of the politicisation of trade

10th March 2019
William interviewed on Sunday Politics West concerning Gibraltar and leaving the Eurpoean Parliament

5th March 2019
William discussing Chines Tech. Giants and Daylight Saving - Raw Politics

28th February 2019
William on the discussion panel on Euronews - Raw Politics

12th February 2019
EU-Singapore free trade deal exposes EU falsity over Brexit

31st January 2019
Brexit MEP William Dartmouth kickstarts fund in honour of German Europhile MEP Elmar Brok

22nd January 2019
No political prisoners in Spain - just politicians in jail, minister tells MEP William Dartmouth

22nd January 2019
Will reducing budget deficit tame Spain's high youth unemployment?

16th January 2019
UK's £39bln EIB shareholding must not be diluted with politicised demands

16th January 2019
EU hypocrisy over Catalan political prisoners is hard to stomach

21st September 2018
Wiliam speaking about Brexit at the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce conference

19th October 2018
Wiliam speaking and answering questions at the Aternative EU conference in Prague

23rd November 2018
Extended Interview of William appearing on Russia Today talking about Brexit

To read the associated article on RT click here

20th November 2018
William appearing on Euro News talking about Gibraltar and Brexit

13th November 2015
David Cameron's Chatham House Speech Pre-Referendum

13th November 2018
Letter to Tom Tugendhat re: French Citizenship

'Scallops Incident'

26th October 2018
Reply from George Eustice concerning the Scallops Incident

'Scallops Incident'

23rd October 2018
The use of Facebook users’ data by Cambridge Analytica and the impact on data protection

23rd October 2018
General budget of the European Union for 2019

10th October 2018
Joint Meeting of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on International Trade

9th October 2018
William commenting on the Annual Report of the E.I.B

7th October 2018
Sunday Politics show South West

26th September 2018
William resigns from UKIP

'Letter of resignation'

2nd October 2018
EU has weaponised trade to threaten poor countries

21st September 2018
William Dartmouth MEP speaks at Pendennis Castle

30th August 2018
Different ways to define trade surpluses, Commissioner Malmstrom tells UKIP MEP Dartmouth

29th August 2018
Trade negotiations with Australia expose EU prejudice against the UK

30th August 2018
Brixham boats – urgent action requested

'Brixham boats – urgent action requested'

5th August 2018
Brexit will not cause UK trade 'disruption' WTO boss

'Who is trading with the UK on WTO rules?'

Who is trading with the UK on WTO rules?, 17th May 2018
Source: BBC https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-41859691
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Free Trade

9th July 2018
EU Free Trade Agreements
There are NO provisions for “free movement of people” in almost all EU Free Trade Agreements (FTA). There is only one exception-EFTA (the four countries in the European Free Trade Area) see footnote.
There is no requirement for “free movement of people”-NONE.
Footnote: There are four EFTA countries-Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Of these four countries, Liechtenstein has a derogation to the EU and Switzerland voted to limit mass migration in 2014 referendum. This leaves ONLY Iceland and Norway with “free movement of people.”
For a list containing states with which the EU has fully concluded FTAs click here

9th July 2018
Comparing EU-Japan trade deal with Brexit negotiations

12th June 2018
EU aiding and abetting corrupt government in Ukraine

17th May 2018
The three biggest exporters to the EU do so without a trade agreement

'William requests for Mr Richard Osborn-Brooks to receive the George Medal for Gallantry, 17th May 2018'

Hover over thumbnail to read William's request for Mr Richard Osborn-Brooks to receive the George Medal for Gallantry, 17th May 2018

16th May 2018
EU US relations Germany's huge trade surplus is a great concern to all

16th May 2018
EU Mercosur trade deal Do you insist on free movement as you do with Britain?

16th May 2018
EU's slogan 'Aid For Trade' should read 'Trade Not Aid'

18th April 2018
The gruesome reality behind Facebook

21st March 2018
You don't need a trade agreement in order to trade

21st March 2018
Brexiters advocate friendship and free trade with the rest of Europe

15th March 2018
William on the West Country Debate discussing Brexit

14th March 2018
Tariff wars is what you get with a protectionist EU

13th March 2018
Will the European Parliament vote in favour of a Brexit deal?

13th March 2018
Name-calling SNP MEP smitten by UKIP MEP William Dartmouth

13th March 2018
The 'Master of the Politically Correct' goes over the top

Pakistan Trade Delegation

6th March 2018
William Dartmouth speaking to the Board of Governors of the American Jewish Committee

Pakistan Trade Delegation

26th February 2018
William has been a strong supporter of increased trade with Pakistan

20th February 2018
No trade agreement comes with a free movement clause

20th February 2018
Bangladesh textile industry a success story for the EU to learn from

20th February 2018
EU proposal to label settlement goods will be perceived as anti Israel

24th January 2018
Switzerland-Japan trade agreement will have predated EU-Japan by over a decade

24th January 2018
European Investment Bank losing 16 percent UK-owned capital after Brexit

Manufacturing Process

11th January 2018
William Dartmouth MEP welcomed the news that the British Marine Industry is reporting a big increase in revenue, with a £3.12 billion income in 2017, up 3.4%, the highest since 2008.
Commenting on the positive news, said William: "Boating tourism in the South West remains popular, and the region is still an attractive place for leisure activities, despite expressed fears over Brexit. The industry continues to grow, and can thrive, as the UK prepares to leave the European Union."
Nationally the sector support approx 33,000 jobs within the UK manufacturing and service industry. In the South West region, Paul Singer, Secretary and Business Development officer of British Marine said “Many of our members in the South West have reported strong sales in 2017 and some report full order books mainly as a result of the lower value of sterling as well as offering a quality British built product."
Photo credit: British Marine

23rd November 2017
EU aspiring for tax harmonisation for More Europe

14th November 2017
EU anti-dumping rules are too inept to work

Manufacturing Process

1st November 2017
Manufacturing sector grows again Despite Brexit

The respected IHS Markit/CIPS manufacturing survey has been released today with more good news for British manufacturers. For the 15th month in succession the manufacturing sector has grown, in the last quarter from 56.3 in October an improvement both on forecasts and on September when the index grew by 56.
William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP Trade spokesman responded "Great news from our manufacturing sector and another sign that we have nothing to fear to a life outside the EU. Even better news is that manufacturing is now receiving work from all over the globe and they expect their success to continue".
Dartmouth, who sits on the influential European Parliament's International Trade Committee continued, "Day after day the UK shows that it is not politicians who create wealth and growth, but businesses, doing what they do best, innovating, developing and creating markets investment and jobs. All this despite an ongoing chorus of doom from most media and political commentators. Much of this is not despite Brexit, but because of Brexit.
"The best way that Government can act is to get on with Brexit and give our businesses some certainty. Leave the businesses themselves to make the decisions that they will make to take advantage of Brexit, as they surely will, to the betterment of the economy and the country as a whole".

29th September 2017
UKIP National Conference Torquay 2017

25th September 2017
Big digital companies not paying their taxes

25th September 2017
You don't need a trade agreement in order to be able to trade

Gibraltar bordwer

18th September 2017
UK must opt for global competitiveness over EU trade convenience

“All the economic indicators suggest that there is a major global opportunity for the UK going forward, with manufacturing up, a highly competitive currency, record inward investment and a legal and commercial reputation which is universally trusted”, said UKIP Trade Spokesman William Dartmouth.
“It would be crazy to become so obsessed with maintaining paper-free trade with the EU that we tie ourselves into their restrictive regulations and compliance regimes, and forfeit our competitive flexibility."
“All but 28 countries in the world currently manage to trade with the EU, outside the Single Market, without finding the conditions prohibitive. As our mutual dependence is great, so will be the wish to maintain a cooperative attitude in both directions. We should push on with trade talks without further delay, or if the political EU continues to insist on their ransom demand, walk away and trade on international terms until they return to the table.”

14th September 2017
Fires are local, slow moving bureaucratic EU has no role in putting them out

13th September 2017
Free trade agreements do not require free movement of people

13th September 2017
Erasmus should drop its political motivation for an educational one

Gibraltar bordwer

21st August 2017
William in Gibraltar visited the border with Spain

William toured the frontier area this afternoon.
He was briefed by Cain Sanchez of the Deputy Chief Minister’s office.
William is UKIP’s Trade Spokesman and campaigned heavily for Leave in the lead up to last year’s Referendum, in keeping with his party’s beliefs.

11th July 2017
You should treat Jordan at least as well as Turkey in terms of EU funding

11th July 2017
Which is more important to the EU Negotiating trade agreements or implementing the Green agenda?

11th July 2017
When will the EU-Japan trade agreement be finalised?

20th June 2017
When will WTO liberalisation of services take place

20th June 2017
Opening up public procurement, or promoting the EU's political agenda

20th June 2017
Politicised trade agreements are destructive of jobs and investment in EU

3rd June 2017
William discussing free trade on France 24

14th March 2017
How does the European Parliament's Brexit negotiator fulfill his role?

4th March 2017
William's speech to the South West Conference in Weymouth - Spring 2017

2nd March 2017
William Dartmouth on the House of Lords Brexit Vote
"The House of Lords are intent on Betraying almost 1 million British citizens now resident in the 27 other Member States of the European Union.
This is not right. As a former Member of the House of Lords I must state that this a shameful episode in the House of Lords' 900 year old history."

1st March 2017
William Dartmouth on George Osborne's fake news
"George Osborne falsely claimed to business leaders yesterday that leaving the EU without a trade deal would amount to "the biggest act of protectionism in British history."
The former Chancellor is putting forward 'fake news'. The facts are clear: - 2016, China, the USA, Russia, Japan, India, and Brazil exported goods to the value of 845.1 billion to the EU. This is more than the entire output of the Netherlands. None of these countries has a trade agreement with the EU."

28th February 2017
William Dartmouth responding to recent comments by former PM John Major stated
"Sir John Major says that leaving the EU is 'a mistake'.
Perhaps Sir John will tell us if leaving the Exchange Rate Mechanism was also a mistake for the UK?"

17th February 2017
Paul Nuttall's speech at UKIP National Conference in Bolton - Spring 2017

17th February 2017
William's speech at UKIP National Conference in Bolton - Spring 2017

15th February 2017
Free movement tosh stands in the way of EU UK trade agreement

14th February 2017
Greece crucified on the cross of the euro

12th January 2017
William on Sunday Politics West

16th December 2016
William on the Daily Politics show

14th December 2016
For Mr Verhofstadt it's Christmas every day

29th November 2016
There is no free movement in our trade agreements, Commissioner Malmström admits

27th November 2016
William on Sunday Politics West discussing a variety of subjects including Brexit, UKIP, Smart Meters and West Coast Mainline electrification

22nd November 2016
William discusses why Nigel Farage should be the UK's Ambassador to the US on the BBC News channel

17th November 2016
UKIP spending: William sets the record straight

13th October 2016
You CAN access EU markets without the Freedom of Movement clause

12th October 2016
European Investment Bank must not be run as EU foreign policy instrument

12th October 2016
Jobs for the boys at the European Fund for Strategic Investments

16th September 2016
William's speech at UKIP Conference in Bournemouth

16th September 2016
William on Politics Europe

13th September 2016
William congratulates ex-president Barroso on his Goldman Sachs appointment

14th July 2016
Market Economy Status' for China to be pushed through

13th July 2016
Trade now explicitly an EU foreign policy tool

6th July 2016
Rat calling Liberal group leader put straight by William

20th June 2016
Catch Up made in Bristol Debate

19th June 2016
William on Sunday Politics West Brexit Debate

11th June 2016
Brexit Rally Newton Abbot

Straw Poll Puts Leave Ahead in Torquay

Brexit Debate Torquay

The Leave Campaign scored a convincing victory in Torquay, Devon last night [Tues 31st May], winning a straw poll of the audience, 144 votes to 84 votes.

The debate, in which South West MEP William Dartmouth represented UKIP, had five speakers on stage, all fielding questions from an enthusiastic audience of visitors to the Princess Theatre, in an event organised by the Torbay Business Forum and The Herald Express

27th May 2016
Brexit Public Meeting Plymouth

20th May 2016
Brexit Debate Cheltenham

Inconvenient Truths About the UK and the EU

World tradeWhat is it about?
Falsehoods abound on the UK’s economic relationship with the EU. This panoramic study dispels those falsehoods one by one. Using analysis, tables and graphs the works demonstrate how EU membership materially harms the UK and, thus, how BREXIT is the best way for the UK to exploit fully its inherent strengths.
The book refutes many myths surrounding the UK's EU membership.
It explains how the UK's leading position as an economic, political, educational and linguistic player - in particular, its permanent seat on the UN Security Council - is undermined and under threat from EU membership.
The conclusion is clear: the UK CAN thrive free of the EU's constraints. The EU CANNOT provide the UK with genuine internationalism or free trade, nor the ability to run its affairs in its own national interest - whereas BREXIT can. As a cornucopia of rigorous research, and solid arguments, and overlooked facts, Inconvenient Truths about UK Trade and the EU is indispensable.
Download your copy HERE

20th March 2016
William debates the forthcoming referendum with Julie Girling MEP

5th March 2016
William's speech at UKIP South West 2016 Spring Conference in Thornbury Gloucestershire

27th February 2016
William's speech at UKIP 2016 Spring Conference

What can happen when you give up your policy to a 3rd party
“Read William's letter to Trade Commissioner Malmstrom concerning China steel dumping and the reply from Ms Malmstrom - three months before this became popular news"

7th February 2016
Norway and Switzerland

3rd February 2016
Greens group leader dodges question on UK 'emergency brake'

1st February 2016
A feeble Prime Minister

1st February 2016
Labour rights are better determined at national level

1st December 2015
William Dartmouth calls for emergency anti-dumping provisions against China to save European steel industry

23rd November 2015
EU protectionism hurts consumers in EU itself

10th November 2015
Renegotiation Demands - Daily Politics Show

25th October 2015
The Tax Credit Debate - Sunday Politics

22nd October 2015
Green agenda has caused the destruction of UK steel industry

15th October 2015
The Politicisation of Trade Holding Commissioner Malmstrom to Account

7th October 2015
Turkey can never be an EU Member State

26th September 2015
William addresses the UKIP Autumn Conference

31st August 2015
EU immigration policy a complete denial of reality

24th July 2015
UKIP MEP William Dartmouth addresses the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC

10th July 2015
UKIP MEP William Dartmouth on Greece & Immigration

The Only Way To Defeat TTIP Is To Leave EU – Wm Dartmouth MEP
9th July 2015
“The people interested in the protection of the NHS, in consumer rights and a legal system fair to small businesses will be angry with this decision of the European Parliament to pass TTIP”, said UKIP trade spokesman William Dartmouth MEP. [Read More]

7th July 2015
The EU is using TTIP in the course of its political agenda

6th July 2015
Greece is a watershed moment for the Euro Zone

It’s Not About 40 Thousand People, It’s About 450 Million People
29th June 2015
South West MEP William Dartmouth outlined the situation saying: “..The context is this, it’s not about the 40 thousand people it’s about 450 million people..in the 27 member states who have the absolute right to live, work, and settle in the United Kingdom, and that’s called freedom of movement, which is rather misleading – it’s a right of permanent settlement. ” [Read More]

William Dartmouth Attacks Plan To Advertise South West Jobs Across EU
24th June 2015
Today, William attacked the appalling hypocrisy of the Conservative Party in voting for a measure in the European Parliament that says that all job vacancies, training programmes and apprenticeships have to be compulsorily advertised across the European Union [Read More]

William Dartmouth Regrets Resignation of Gibraltar Governor
2nd June 2015
Following the announcement of the resignation of the Governor of Gibraltar William Dartmouth MEP, who represents the Rock in the European Parliament said, “I am very sad to learn of the resignation of Sir James Dutton. I share his obviously deep sense of frustration at discovering that our Foreign Office regarded his job as little more than ceremonial. He is a man who has taken his responsibility to the Rock and its people with the utmost seriousness” [Read More]

AIRBUS Contradicting 2014 Statements That Investment Depends On Profits Not Politics
27th May 2015
The European aerospace and defence giant Airbus said today (21st May) it would reconsider investment in the UK in the event of Britain leaving the European Union. Responding UKIP International Trade spokesman, William Dartmouth MEP said: “Airbus in the recent past has flatly contradicted allegations of stopping investment if Britain leaves the EU.” [Read More]

Sir Mike Rake, EU Millions & CBI Members
22nd May 2015
William Dartmouth UKIP spokesman on trade and MEP for the South West and Gibraltar, said: “Sir Mike Rake this week used his position as president of the CBI to tell British business they must ‘turn up the volume’ on the benefits of EU membership, but he did not mention that the biggest of his members, including the BBC, take tens of millions of pounds of hand-outs from the EU institutions.” [Read More]

20th May 2015
There is no way that Turkey can ever be a Member State

20th May 2015
Turkey: From member of Customs Union to full EU membership?

19th May 2015
The EU should stop impoverishing Africa

7th May 2015
Election Night Special

28th April 2015
Discharge 2013: EU general budget - European Commission and Executive Agencies Debate

28th April 2015
European Public Prosecutor's Office Debate

20th April 2015
Daily Politics 2015 Election Debates Foreign Affairs

15th April 2015
Labour and Tories cheerleading Turkey's EU candidacy despite blatant rejection of democratic values

8th March 2015
Immigration & Services in Rural Areas

7th March 2015
William at the UKIP South West Conference

15th February 2015
There is no such thing as 'EU money'

11th February 2015
One whole day free of destructive EU legislation

10th February 2015
Should Russia have a judge on the European Court of Human Rights?

Our Vision

Welcome to my website.
I hope that you will share our aim for a better tomorrow for the United Kingdom outside the European Union (EU).
Outside the EU, Britain would no longer be paying £45 million a day in gross contribution, we would no longer have 75% of our laws derived from the EU - many of these are ill-considered, ill-thought out and inappropriate, even unto light bulbs - and we would be safer. This is because we would be able to control our borders.
Britain would be able to engage with the world outside the EU, in particular the fast-growing economies of India and China, on our own terms and in our own way.

My vision is for an independent United Kingdom in control of its own laws, in control of its economy, in control of its trade relationships and in control of its borders and foreign policy.

My personal mission is to protect the interests of the United Kingdom in the European Parliament and, as the best solution, to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

*"Yes we will" - These 3 words summarise well the optimism of UKIP supporters that Britain will be a free nation once again and leave the EU sooner rather than later. When that happens Britain will regain its pride and will be better off economically, socially and politically. - William Dartmouth UKIP MEP

Why should the United Kingdom be independent?

  • Out of the EU, we would save £45 million per day in gross contribution.
  • Out of the EU, we would regain control of 75% of our laws, many of which are ill-considered, irrelevant or inappropriate.
  • Out of the EU, we would be able to negotiate our own trade agreements, allowing us to benefit from our special relationships with the growth economies of India and China.
  • Out of the EU, we would be in charge of our own borders and our foreign policies.

What would we lose?

  • Access to the European market of 400 million consumers? Nonsense. Even Libya has been offered a trade agreement with the European Union that is more attractive than the United Kingdom’s current position.
  • The stabilising influence of the Euro and the European Parliament? Nonsense. We will never constrain our freedom by joining the Euro; and the European Parliament is a source of muddled compromise, bureaucracy and inaction.
  • The reduced risk of conflict in Europe? Yes, Europe has had a torrid past. But binding us together with legal straight jackets, corrupt officials and unelected bureaucrats is more likely, rather than less likely, to lead to conflict between us.

The 'Europe of Freedom and Democracy' GroupThe EFD Group

Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group
The UK Independence Party is a member of the EFD (Europe for Freedom and Democracy). UKIP MEPs sit with likeminded members from other European countries and form a Group. Being part of a Group gives UKIP MEPs additional speaking rights. It also gives access to additional funds for research and secretarial help.

Connections with the the electoral area

The West Country and Gibraltar
  • I have been elected for a second term (along with five other MEPs including my fellow UKIP MEP Dr Julia Reid) for the European Union's South Western area.
  • This encompasses 55 parliamentary constituencies. It covers the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Dorset and Wiltshire. It includes the city of Bristol. On the mainland it stretches East - West from Penzance to Swindon and North - South from Tewkesbury to Bournemouth.
  • It also includes the Scilly Isles and Gibraltar. Of course Britain's membership of the European Union threatens Gibraltar's continuing independence from Spain.
  • I have family roots in South Devon. Separately, my brother Rupert and sister-in-law Victoria have lived between Bath and Bristol for over 20 years. In addition in the grounds of Tewkesbury Abbey there is a memorial to my great grandfather Bertram Cartland; killed in action in World War 1 and his two sons (my great uncles) Captain Tony Cartland and Ronald Cartland MP who were both killed in action in 1940 fighting in the rear guard at Dunkirk.
  • The Cartlands suffered proportionately to many other families in the First World War but disproportionately in the Second. When I visited the Memorial in Tewkesbury it was quite a thought that Ronald Cartland was a sitting Member of Parliament when he died as a member of the TA. Ronald Cartland MP did not have to be fighting at Dunkirk at all - rather a contrast from today's professional politicians. There were then many other MPs in uniform.

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